21.2% Increase

in Engaged Employees


Survey Participation Rate

The Company

A company doesn’t become the largest medical malpractice insurance carrier in Louisiana by being content with where they are.

Achievements like this are accomplished with a passion for progress and improvement – just like LAMMICO. Founded by physicians, LAMMICO is committed to perfecting its industry, both in the operating room and inside their own offices.

The Challenge

As part of their commitment to constant improvement, LAMMICO needed to ensure its employees were engaged

This meant comprehensive surveys, actionable initiatives, and metrics to show progress. Additionally, LAMMICO was looking for an external survey partner to increase employee confidence in survey results and analysis.

The Solution

Quantum Workplace's customizable and comprehensive software gave LAMMICO:
  • Data that dug deep into problem areas
  • User-friendly platform for client communication and discussion
  • Solutions that address LAMMICO's specific employee engagement gaps
  • Tools to document and analyze progress
Cynthia Cox from Lammico
Perception of company-wide engagement is not always reality, and having employees provide a mirror to management gives us the opportunity to learn and grow. If we didn’t ask, we wouldn’t know, and therefore, couldn’t improve.

Cynthia Cox
HR Director

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