100% Strategic Goals Achieved

for 2 Consecutive Years

10% Forecasted Sales Growth

from Q3 to Q4

42% Decrease in Goals

Per Employee Due to Better Alignment

The Company

Fossil Group, Inc. is a global design, marketing, distribution, and innovation company specializing in lifestyle accessories. 

The company is best known for its watches, but its offerings also include jewelry, handbags, small leather goods, and wearables under a diverse portfolio of owned and licensed brands. Fossil Group relies on togetherness to maintain the quality and productivity of their work — shown in their company saying, “greater together.”  The company is driven by its ability to #MakeTimeForGood both within office walls and in the community. Fossil believes that working together yields the greatest innovation and impact.

The Challenge

An innovator in the watch industry, Fossil Group knew it had to stay ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive market.

To do this it needed to reinvent its approach to performance management beginning with its old-school paper process for measuring and tracking the performance of its 15,000 global employees. Sifting through and analyzing employee performance on paper proved to be time-consuming and led to inconsistencies.

The company also found that a significant number of its employees' goals were misaligned or did not have direct impact on the organization. And managers and employees didn't know how to have effective performance conversations. Coaching and productive dialogue were lacking. Fossil Group needed a solution that could set managers up for success and align its entire organization.

The Solution

Fossil Group's performance management strategy paired with Quantum Workplace's robust software solution gives Fossil a competitive advantage and the ability to:
  • Reinforce performance conversations by recognizing great effort and work with the recognition feature
  • Guide managers and employees through effective, productive, and regular performance conversations
  • Create greater organizational alignment through frequent, strategic touchpoints and integration with business systems
James Webb from Fossil

While many vendors have integrated tools, most of them feel like different solutions that are simply banded together. However, this is not the case when it comes to Quantum [Workplace]. If you can use one module, you can use them all. Additional benefits of this integrated approach include faster ramp-up time for employees, less frustration for the end-user, and higher user adoption. By linking these pieces, you set the stage for predictive analytics as it relates to performance and engagement.

James Webb
VP of Global People Development & Engagement
Fossil Group

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