The Impact of COVID-19 on Employee Engagement

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This research report will explore key findings and trends uncovered during the global pandemic and economic fallout.

the impact of covid-19

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What's Inside

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives, economies, and workplaces—and continues to do so. Some organizations implemented furloughs or layoffs. Others designated essential workers and faced new health restrictions to protect employees and customers. And many had to transition entire workforces to remote work and telecommuting.

As the virus began to surge in the United States and strict social distancing and lockdown restrictions were implemented—the employee experience was completely disrupted.

  • But how has COVID-19 impacted employee engagement?
  • Which categories have changed most dramatically due to the crisis?
  • How have the deteriorating economic and labor conditions contributed to the trends?
impact of covid
impact of covid 1
impact of covid 2
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About the Report

Purpose of the Research

With nearly 20 years of experience measuring and analyzing employee engagement among 8,500 organizations annually, Quantum Workplace set out to understand the impact of this unavoidable disruption.


Primary Research Questions

  • How has COVID-19 impacted employee engagement?
  • How have the deteriorating economic and labor conditions impacted employee engagement?
  • What areas of employee engagement changed most dramatically during the crisis?
  • How have different types of workers been differentially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis?


About the Data

Using 2019 and 2020 Best Places to Work survey data—from more than 700,000 respondents and 8,500 organizations—Quantum Workplace analyzed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic fallout on trends in employee engagement and workplace perceptions.

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