From Chaos to Success: Resources for Navigating COVID-19

Comprehensive Guides for HR and Managers

In this kit, you'll receive two guides with expert tips and best practices that can help you move from chaos to success.


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What's Inside

COVID-19 has left many organizations feeling hopeless and unsure of where to begin.

Your employees are still important. But this pandemic has had and will continue to have a strong impact on your workforce. How do you stay focused and human?

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About the Guides

The Stages of Crisis Management



When facing a problem that impacts your business, you may find yourself wanting to find the culprit while navigating chaos. In this stage you'll need to address:

  • Employee needs
  • Performance processes
  • Committing to a plan



How you respond to this crisis will likely impact the success of your employees and your business down the road. In this stage you'll need to address:

  • Your vision for success
  • Ramping up employee feedback
  • Adjusting expectations



Helping people move through transitional phases is sometimes easier said than done. In this stage you'll need to address:

  • Boosting employee listening
  • Prioritizing purpose and mission
  • Guiding performance



After you’ve addressed employee needs and settled into your new normal, it's time to get back to business. In this stage you'll need to address:

  • Elevating employee listening
  • Policy changes and re-entry
  • Talent risk and high-performers



Experiencing hardship while in the moment is very difficult. How you fight through, respond to, and support your employees, and recover is what ultimately leads to future success. In this stage you'll need to address:

  • Employee burnout
  • Implementing a continuous listening strategy
  • Adopting a performance mindset