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[HR Calendar Template] Employee Engagement Throughout the Year

On this Groundhog’s Day, many of you readers 2.2.18-HR-Calendar-Template-Employee-Engagement-Throughout-the-Year.jpgwill be tuning in to see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow. Not me, though. Each February 2nd, I like to celebrate by ironically watching my favorite romcom starring my favorite star-crossed lovers, Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell.


Well, I’ve heard enough HR reps lament that they feel exactly like Murray, stuck in a continuous loop of listening to, prioritizing, and acting on employee feedback. And I think we can fix it.


Don’t get me wrong, that "continuous" part is important (and much more effective than the once-a-year initiatives of old). However, in a never-ending loop like that, it can sometimes be difficult to 1) step back and plan long-term goals and 2) see the progress you’re making.



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That’s why I’ve created these questions (and a downloadable HR calendar template) to help you plan your year-long engagement strategy. Hold on to these questions, and check in at the end of the year. These goals will be a great yardstick against which to measure progress. And remember – surveys aren’t the only thing that impacts employee engagement: recognition, feedback, goals, and workplace culture all play a huge role in building and maintaining engagement.



  • How often will you survey all employees this year?
  • What month(s) will you conduct your employee engagement survey(s)?
  • Are you going to use pulse surveys this year? How frequent will they be?
  • What employee communication will there be before, during, and after your survey(s)? What kind of follow up will you do after your surveys and pulses? What are your target dates for these communications?


  • What key employee milestones do you want to recognize? Anniversaries? Birthdays? Personal achievements?
  • Do you have any monthly, quarterly, or annual employee recognition events? When?
  • Do you have a program to support ongoing employee recognition? What employee communication supports adoption of this program? What are your target dates for these communications?


  • When are annual, quarterly, or monthly organizational goals set?
  • Are teams and employees responsible for setting their own goals? When are these set?
  • When and how does leadership communicate organizational goals to employees?
  • How often is goal progress tracked, reported, and shared?
  • What other key dates are related to goal achievement?

Performance Conversations

  • How often do managers and employees have performance conversations or reviews?
  • What resources do you provide to help managers with performance conversations?
  • How does your timeline for performance conversations integrate with the timeline for 360/peer feedback?
  • What employee communication is needed to support your performance program? What are your target dates for these communications?


  • How often will various levels of leadership receive feedback from their manager, direct reports, and peers?
  • How often will employees receive feedback from their manager and peers?
  • What employee communication is needed to support your feedback program? What are your target dates for these communications?

Culture Events

  • Do you hold company, team, or leadership retreats? When are these scheduled?
  • What key all-company meetings do you have annually, quarterly, or monthly?
  • What parties and celebrations does your organization have throughout the year?
  • What other traditions and important dates does your organization acknowledge?


Want more help getting out of your Groundhog’s Day time warp? Download the HR Pro’s Calendar Template, below!

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