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Natalie Hackbarth

Natalie Hackbarth

As the Director of Marketing at Quantum Workplace, Natalie partners with engagement and culture experts to create informative and entertaining resources to help organizations make work awesome. Natalie manages The QWork Future and creates other resources, such as ebooks and webinars. She has an unhealthy obsession with Starbucks, Marvel's Avengers, and Quantum Workplace’s website traffic. Natalie holds a degree in journalism from Creighton University.

Articles by Natalie Hackbarth

12 Easy Ways to Improve One-on-One Meetings with Employees

12.21.18 by Natalie Hackbarth

Acknowledging that ongoing, one-on-one meetings with employees are a valuable piece of the engagement puzzle is the first step. What comes next is where most managers fall flat (though it's not entirely their fault).

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Six HR Leadership Lessons We Learned From Steve Jobs

11.8.18 by Natalie Hackbarth

His management style might not have followed university textbooks, but few can argue that Steve Jobs' unconventional leadership (combined with his sheer genius and innate ability to articulate his vision) didn’t greatly contribute to Apple’s worldwide success.

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Ask This, Not That: 25 Effective Employee Review Questions

11.7.18 by Natalie Hackbarth

More and more companies are recognizing the importance of 1-on-1 meetings to review performance. But all too often, these reviews fall flat and have little impact.


Why? They’re asking the wrong employee review questions.


The effort is there, but a series of broad, generic questions cause...

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[Infographic] The Recipe for Successful One-on-One Meetings

11.2.18 by Natalie Hackbarth
Developing Employees, Managers, Performance,

One-on-one meetings are critical to boosting employees' engagement, performance, and development. But more often than not, we hear stories of how one-on-one meetings leave a bad taste in employees' mouths. No more. Swap out your stale, disengaging meetings for the productive conversations...

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10 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement with Corporate Wellness Programs

9.3.18 by Natalie Hackbarth

Salary is no longer alone atop the mountain.


Compensation alone used to rule the job employee marketplace. But recent research found that 88 percent of employees would consider a lower-paying job if it came with superior benefits such as better health insurance and more flexible hours. 



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