Why Your Performance Management Process is Failing You

Strategies To Fix Your Process Before Your Next Cycle

It’s time to leave broken methods behind once and for all and to start preparing for a more effective, next-level strategy. In this webinar, we'll will reveal the critical keys for implementing next-gen performance management.


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About the Webinar

In 2014, Deloitte released its Global Human Capital Trends report. One chapter’s headline declared:

“Performance management is broken.”

Not long after the report, many large companies began making drastic changes to their performance management systems. GE, Microsoft, Accenture, and several other Fortune 500 companies axed their annual performance review processes in search of something else.

But what was that something else?

The problem wasn’t the idea of evaluating employee performance. Organizations will always need a way to do that. The problem was with the methods—what was being measured, how, and why it mattered.

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