Amplifying People Investments as a Business Strategy

Watch this webinar featuring Josh Bersin, James Webb (Fossil Group) and Sarah Waltman (Dentsply Sirona) to learn how HR and business leaders can emphasize the importance of human capital investments.

Webinar - Josh Bersin Academy

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HR Leader's Guide to SEC Human Capital Disclosures

The SEC's new requirements affirm the connection between employee and business success. This is a critical opportunity for CHROs to level-up their strategy to human capital investments. 

Explore our comprehensive guide to receive:

  • Research from the Josh Bersin Academy
  • A checklist of employee success metrics and measures
  • Examples from winning talent brands
  • SEC filing best practices

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Elevating People Success as a Business Priority
Checklist of Metrics and Measures for Human Capital Disclosures
Fossil Group Case Study
Dentsply Sirona Case Study