Culture as a Strategy

How Culture-Centric Organizations Drive Results

In this original research presentation, Shane McFeely, Ph.D., Organizational Psychologist and Lead Researcher at Quantum Workplace, shares insights and examples of how to leverage culture to drive results for your organization and retain your top talent.


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HCI Signature Series Research Presentation

How does your organization create value? What is the most important factor in your business strategy? What is the true purpose of your talent and HR programs? The answer to those three questions is people. Or it should be.

Too often, culture-building is seen as a nice-to-have and not a driver of business success. Culture will make or break your organization’s strategy. With culture as a business imperative, smart organizations can realize the business and talent results they want. But how do you do that?

In a partner research study with the Human Capital Institute, we explore how organizations are intentionally designing cultures to be more productive, engaged, and inclusive.

The Culture-Centric Organization