Mobilizing Your Teams to Understand & Drive Engagement

To truly understand and improve upon your employee experience, you can’t rely on a top-down approach. Isolating your engagement survey results within your leadership team won't get you far. Your teams will feel disconnected from the process, and it will be difficult to drive action and impact.  

You need to put your engagement data into the hands of the people who can most directly act on it—your managers and your teams!


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The Employee Listening Flywheel

A Framework for Driving Your Feedback Strategy Forward

The need for effective employee listening is greater than ever. It’s imperative in helping you navigate the challenges, changes, and uncertainty that have become a constant in today’s business environment. Gathering employee feedback can help you discover truth, avoid speculation, and provide visibility into knowledge gaps. It provides the data you need to make informed, targeted decisions about your workforce and business.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to uncover meaning to drive action with employee listening
  • Understand where your listening strategy is at and how to improve
  • How to design, deploy, and analyze your surveys for an employee feedback strategy that works for you
  • Real-life examples of best practice listening design and business impact 

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Employee Engagement Suite

Collect feedback, uncover insight, and take action with confidence and ease.



Performance Management Suite

Empower managers to grow, develop, and align your teams to maximize success.



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