The ROI of Employee Success

How Leaders Connect Talent With Results

Join Senior Insights Analyst, Aaron Brown, and Lead Researcher, Shane McFeely of Quantum Workplace as they reveal the importance of integrated engagement and performance initiatives and help you quantify the ROI of your employee success strategy.


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About the Research

Talent-minded organizations believe that high-performing, engaged employees are essential to business success. A recent study, conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Quantum Workplace, found that 81% of business leaders strongly agree that highly engaged employees perform better and are more productive.

Because of this belief, businesses have been investing in employee engagement programs and modernizing their performance management processes to maximize the potential of their individuals and teams. Yet many still struggle to quantify the ROI of talent initiatives on the business. Why is that?

Engagement and performance strategies are often prioritized in silos, disconnected from one another. The same study found that while two-thirds of survey takers have revamped their approach to performance management in the last two years, only 37% say that employee engagement is a significant area of focus for their own organization today.

Done in a vacuum, engagement adds little value to your bottom line—and productivity without engagement doesn’t drive high performance. Tethered together, engagement and performance create meaningful, powerful, and measurable employee success. A truly effective employee success strategy forms synergy between employee engagement and performance and bolsters the results of your business. How can you connect talent with results?