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Anne Maltese

Anne Maltese

Insights Director at Quantum Workplace, Anne helps clients think through what they're trying to achieve and helps leaders make sense of employee feedback. She's a proud West Virginian native, an avid runner, and famous for her monkey noise among the eight and under crowd.

Articles by Anne Maltese

How to Measure Diversity and Inclusion Using Engagement Survey Data

1.7.20 by Anne Maltese
Employee Surveys

There’s a lot on the line when trying to make sense of your D&I initiatives. Especially when 61% of employees think diversity and inclusion is important. And it can be overwhelming to try and gather more information from your employees.

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4 Key Scenarios When Managers Must Discuss Employee Goals

8.6.19 by Anne Maltese
Performance Management, Managers & Leaders

Goals help employees and organizations achieve success. But when goal conversations only happen once or twice a year, it creates a disconnect between the manager, the employee, and the organization. Goals become misaligned and their purpose is lost, making success more difficult to achieve.

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How to Ask for Employee Feedback (And Actually Get It)

6.11.19 by Anne Maltese
Employee Feedback, Performance Management, Managers & Leaders

Feedback is essential to growth and development. Many organizations use structured employee feedback processes like 360 feedback, which is an important exercise. But managers should feel empowered to collect ongoing feedback from any employee at any time.


Why? When managers are constantly...

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Employee Feedback Contributors

5.29.19 by Anne Maltese
Employee Feedback, Performance Management

One of the most common questions we hear from customers is: who should be invited to provide employee feedback? 


Managers are an obvious answer, but feedback shouldn't end with them. The more contributors involved, the more objective and well-rounded the feedback will be.


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4 Ways to Reduce Bias in the Employee Performance Review

4.11.19 by Anne Maltese
Performance Management, Managers & Leaders

Humans are, by our very nature, prone to bias. There is simply no escaping it. Hard as we try to deny our prejudices and treat everyone fairly, our brains are wired to find mental shortcuts that make processing the world around us easier.


These repeated patterns of thinking often lead to...

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How to Launch a Successful Employee Engagement Survey

4.9.19 by Anne Maltese
Employee Engagement, Employee Surveys

Organizational leaders can leverage employee engagement surveys to better the workplace and create an environment where employees thrive. These surveys are not the only key to the employee experience puzzle, though. There is a lot that goes into launching a successful engagement survey...

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