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Anne Maltese

Anne Maltese

Insights Director at Quantum Workplace, Anne helps clients think through what they're trying to achieve and helps leaders make sense of employee feedback. She's a proud West Virginian native, an avid runner, and famous for her monkey noise among the eight and under crowd.

Articles by Anne Maltese

How the Best Managers Motivate Employees

1.14.19 by Anne Maltese
Developing Employees, Managers, Performance,

Motivating employees is one of the toughest aspects of your job as a manager. Though you know motivation is the gateway to increasing productivity, a growing to-do list and general lack of time keep you from acting. You can't guarantee that employees will be motivated, so why waste your already...

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Best Practices for Employee Engagement Benchmarks

1.11.19 by Anne Maltese
OKRs and Goals,

Collecting feedback via an employee engagement survey is an incredibly valuable way to give your employees a voice in continuously improving their experience. But how do you know if that feedback is healthy or not? Do other organizations face the same challenges as you, or are your challenges...

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7 Essential Tips for Fail-Proof 360 Feedback

12.2.18 by Anne Maltese

HR leaders know that they need to build better employees. They also know that to achieve success, those same employees need to hear constructive feedback from the people they lead, 

their peers, and their managers.


But, too often, we see poorly-designed 360 feedback programs that can't help...

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Why You Shouldn't Tie Manager Bonuses to Employee Engagement Surveys

10.9.18 by Anne Maltese

Money talks, right?


That’s how the saying goes, at least. And if that’s the case, wouldn’t rewarding managers and other employees based on overall engagement scores from a census survey make the most sense?


While the concept seems sound, there are issues that arise with this practice....

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6 Ways to Use Employee Feedback as a Change Management Tool

11.20.17 by Anne Maltese
Leadership, Managers,

As an organization, you and will encounter many types of organizational change. There is no escape from the perpetual motion of a living, breathing company, and change is often necessary to survive. You need the right change management tools in order to build resiliency, exercise creativity, and...

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