Employee Recognition Quotes: What Disengaged Employees Want (But Aren't Getting)

Feeling valued and being recognized for good work are key ingredients to an engaged workforce. In fact, our 2013 Employee Engagement Trends Report found that feeling valued was one of three critical areas having the strongest association with overall engagement (and has been for the last three years).

Unfortunately, studies show that most organizations perform poorly in that area, which can foster disengaged and even hostile employees.


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According to the trends report, almost 90 percent of hostile employees felt they weren’t receiving adequate praise from senior leadership while 72 percent felt unrecognized by their direct managers.


Employee Recognition Quotes


The report shows that disengaged and hostile employees don’t feel they receive enough recognition. But what exactly does that mean? Read the comments below to see what disengaged and hostile employees have to say about the issue.

The entirety of this organization, leadership and employees included, does not appreciate my department or our tremendous workload.

Leadership does a terrible job of noticing, let alone recognizing, employees that go above and beyond their job description.

There’s no incentive anymore.

We work in a world where people need immediate gratification for their hard work – not just compensation, but actual recognition.

I think the employees here want more company-wide, sincere recognition.

Recognize that people are actually working hard. It doesn’t feel like management cares about people’s effort; they only care if the work gets done.

Would a “thank you” be so hard?

We need access to conferences and educational/technological tools that will help us grow and be productive.

Please, please, please consider each employee as a human being, not just a warm body filling a position. Respect people by assigning responsibilities based on their strengths and create incentive programs to motivate.

Note to board: threatening termination is not the kind of attention that employees want.

The company should base employee recognition and advancement on the employee's ability to do the job. Not on favorites.

Quit treating employees like elementary kids! Employee appreciation was a joke this year. Kids’ games, really? We are all adults; give us some real appreciation.



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Recognition in the Workplace

Published July 18, 2013 | Written By Natalie Wickham