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Dan Hoppen

Dan Hoppen

As Marketing Content Specialist, Dan crafts client stories, blog posts, and ebooks for Quantum Workplace. He works with the marketing, research, and sales teams to share best practices on increasing employee engagement. A self-ascribed foodie, Dan's off hours typically involve trying new restaurants or following the Chicago Cubs and Indianapolis Colts.

Articles by Dan Hoppen

How to Be a Better Manager by Individualizing Your Approach

2.14.19 by Dan Hoppen

No two employees are exactly alike. Their personalities, skills, experiences, and backgrounds shape them into completely unique people who are motivated, challenged, and inspired in different ways.


So why treat them all the same way?


The answer to that question seems painfully obvious: you...

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A Free and Powerful Tool for Employee Motivation (Hint: It's a Conversation)

2.13.19 by Dan Hoppen

Managers are constantly searching for better ways to motivate employees. They develop incentive plans, create awards, spark friendly office competitions, and re-design work environments an effort to drive productivity.


But what if motivating employees came down to something as simple as...

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Tips for New Managers - Overcoming "Boss Stigma"

2.12.19 by Dan Hoppen

Imagine you’re walking around the office and you hear talking and laughter as you approach the break room. But as you enter, all discussion stops and  the only thing that greets you is silence.


This is boss stigma. It’s not easy to overcome the stereotypes and stigmas that come with being “the...

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5 Must-Haves in an Employee Performance Improvement Plan

2.8.19 by Dan Hoppen

Few aspects of a manager’s job are more uncomfortable than creating a performance improvement plan with an employee. It’s awkward for everyone – the employee likely feels embarrassed and hurt, while the manager has to deliver some hard truths.


Uncomfortable as these conversations are, they’re...

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Authenticity: One of the Most Important Qualities of a Good Manager

1.31.19 by Dan Hoppen

At some point in your career, you’ve likely had that boss – the one who treats every employee the same and doesn’t make any effort to develop relationships. They see employees as means to an end, instead of as individuals with unique personalities, backgrounds, and needs. These are not qualities...

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Coaching to Engage: 12 Rules to Effective, Ongoing Employee Coaching

1.7.19 by Dan Hoppen

The role of coach is extremely valued in athletics, but for some reason that belief rarely  extends to the workplace. Managers are too often viewed as overseers, not mentors.  


In reality, coaching is just as essential in the workplace as it is on the field or court. Employee potential is ...

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