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Dan Hoppen

Dan Hoppen

As Marketing Content Specialist, Dan crafts client stories, blog posts, and ebooks for Quantum Workplace. He works with the marketing, research, and sales teams to share best practices on increasing employee engagement. A self-ascribed foodie, Dan's off hours typically involve trying new restaurants or following the Chicago Cubs and Indianapolis Colts.

Articles by Dan Hoppen

10 Examples of Effective and Ineffective Employee Feedback

11.28.18 by Dan Hoppen

Giving employee feedback in a constructive way takes practice, according to Stanford GSB lecturer Carole Robin. And although most can agree on the importance of constructive feedback, few are practicing regularly.


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Why Aligning Personal Goals with Team and Organizational Goals Lines Everyone Up for Success

11.26.18 by Dan Hoppen
OKRs and Goals, Teamwork,

Every organization understands the importance of setting goals, but the simple act of creating benchmarks is selling their impact short. It’s imperative to create goals that align all employees to team and organizational goals.


Everyone should be working to achieve the organization’s overall...

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Win the Engagement Game by Empowering Your Managers as Coaches

11.20.18 by Dan Hoppen
Managers, OKRs and Goals, Recognition,

“Make sure that team members know they are working with you, not for you.”


Those are the words of John Wooden, arguably the greatest coach in the history of college basketball. His leadership style earned him 664 victories and 10 national titles during his tenure at UCLA, and he’s widely...

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5 Ways to Prevent Employee Turnover and Extend the Honeymoon Period

11.13.18 by Dan Hoppen
Developing Employees, Managers, Turnover & Retention,

For most employees, the first year in a new job is pure bliss. They’re excited about a new challenge, revel in making new friends with coworkers, and feel motivated to prove their worth to the organization.


But as things become more familiar, the good vibes begin to fade. The new car smell...

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How to Handle Different Thanksgiving Dinner Personalities Before They Spoil the Meal

11.12.18 by Dan Hoppen

Thanksgiving is here again, and that means it’s time to sidle up to the table, load up the plate with turkey and stuffing, then sink into the couch and embrace the oncoming food coma while football plays on the TV.


Ah, if only it were that simple. Thanksgiving is also the ultimate family...

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5 Things Your Exit Interviews Aren't Telling You

11.5.18 by Dan Hoppen
Exit Surveys, Turnover & Retention,

Exit interviews are standard protocol in most corporate workplaces. Though the reasoning for them is sound, most organizations’ attempts at exit interviews are fruitless. Organizations are leaving valuable information about how to improve the workplace and better retain employees on the table.


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