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Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown

As a Workplace Insights Analyst at Quantum Workplace, Aaron manages client relationships and employee engagement programs for mid to large organizations. He develops and delivers sessions for survey design, analysis, and action planning to improve engagement for clients ranging across industries.

Articles by Aaron Brown

How to Address Employee Development Throughout Your Talent Pool

6.4.19 by Aaron Brown
Managers & Leaders, Talent Development
Millennial employees almost universally agree that personal development is a critical aspect of their job . But the right development opportunities vary from employee to employee. Development plans should be individualized based on an employee's performance and growth potential. 
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How to Use Exit Survey Results to Reduce Employee Turnover

4.16.19 by Aaron Brown
Employee Engagement, Employee Surveys, Employee Lifecycle

Turnover is one of the most dangerous threats to any organization. It's incredibly costly, as recruiting, hiring, and training requires time and money most organizations don't have to spare.


When an employee departs, their exit survey leaves behind clues that expose holes in strategy or how...

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What's Missing from Your Employee Learning and Development Plan

4.2.19 by Aaron Brown
Talent Development

Assigning “development dollars” has become a popular practice in recent years as more organizations donate part of the budget to pay for employees to attend conferences, buy books, take online courses, and more. This is a great practice that helps develop employees and shows the organization...

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6 Ways Quantum Workplace Vitals Helps Maximize Your Talent Pipeline

3.19.19 by Aaron Brown
Performance Management Software, Talent Development

An organization’s top programmer suddenly announces she’s leaving for another job. A sales manager gets a gut feeling that a salesperson is struggling, but doesn’t have the evidence to back it up. The growth of an up-and-coming marketer seems to have flat-lined.


The talent pipeline is in...
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How to Recognize Employees According to Their Preferences

2.21.19 by Aaron Brown
Employee Recognition

Employees are like snowflakes; no two are exactly the same. They have different personalities and varied backgrounds that shape who they are and how they work.


This diversity plays into how they prefer to be recognized as well. Many managers default to how they desire recognition, but this...

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Coming and Going: How to Recognize New Hires and Exiting Employees

1.8.19 by Aaron Brown
Employee Lifecycle, Employee Recognition

New hires and exiting employees may be on opposite ends of the tenure spectrum, but providing recognition is critically important for each group.


You want to get new employees started off on the right foot, excited and fully engaged from day one, just as you desire that exiting employees would...

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