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Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown

As a Workplace Insights Analyst at Quantum Workplace, Aaron manages client relationships and employee engagement programs for mid to large organizations. He develops and delivers sessions for survey design, analysis, and action planning to improve engagement for clients ranging across industries.

Articles by Aaron Brown

3 Tips for an Awkward-Free Exit Interview

3.10.18 by Aaron Brown
Exit Surveys, Turnover & Retention,

Imagine your employee walks into your office and utters the four words you never want to hear: “Hey boss, I quit!”


Yikes. What’s your reaction?


Go cry in the corner? … Maybe.

Throw a tantrum? … Possibly.

Curse at the wall? … Go for it.


Now, once you’ve had your moment (and we all need our...

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Office Relocation Checklist: 4 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged When You Move

10.27.17 by Aaron Brown

It’s a beautiful time of year in Omaha, Nebraska – the sounds of whistling winds, falling leaves, referee whistles, and taping boxes fill the air… Okay, you might only hear those last two sounds if you’re a football fan or work at Quantum Workplace. As we Qwirks get ready to move corporate...

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[New Hire Checklist] 19 Ways to Make a Great First (and Lasting) Impression

6.26.17 by Aaron Brown
Recruitment & Hiring,

Onboarding should begin well before new employees enter the door for their first day, and should end only when they feel confident in their role and place in the organization. Think of a new hire as a young college student going on a first date. They might be a little nervous, maybe a little...

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‘Alternative Facts’: Not the Key to Communicating Employee Engagement Survey Results

1.26.17 by Aaron Brown

Within 48 hours of President Trump’s inauguration, people around the country were exposed to the latest political jargon: alternative facts.

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Employee Turnover Research Part 2: The (Real) Effects of Collecting Turnover Data

11.17.15 by Aaron Brown
Research & Trends, Turnover & Retention,

Last month, we posted the first part of a study on employee turnover. Our initial research uncovered three key outcomes:

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