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6 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Performance Management Software

evaluating performance management softwareOnline systems have revolutionized the way companies look at, measure, and manage employee performance. Effective software makes the entire process easier for administration, engaging for employees — and most importantly — frictionless for managers. But how do you identify which performance management software is best? Finding the right performance management software provider isn’t a process to take lightly; be sure to do your research.




Here are six questions to ask when evaluating performance management software.


1. Does the performance management software integrate with other systems?

The last thing your managers need are more systems, more passwords, and more hassle. Ask your potential software provider if their tools integrate with other systems, your managers use in their everyday workflow, like chat apps for example. At the very least, your performance management software should integrate with your HRIS so all employee data stays up to date. If your potential provider doesn't have an integration you need, see if they’ll make it happen for you.


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2. What aspects of performance management does the system support?

Make sure the performance management software you're evaluating provides all of the tools your managers need to better serve their teams. Sit down with team leaders and ask what kinds of software they need fulfill their managerial responsibilities. Could they benefit from a peer-to-peer recognition board to make sure their employees feel valued? Do they need a transparent goal setting and tracking system to ensure team alignment? Would one-on-one meeting technology foster better manager-employee communication? Would a 360 feedback help both them and their employees grow and develop in their roles? 


The performance management software you choose should be a benefit (not a burden) for managers.


3. Can you ensure manager and employee adoption of the system?

The last thing you want to do is invest in a performance management software that your managers and employees don't use. Ask potential software providers how they encourage organizational adoption. The best systems will provide admins with log-in and usage stats, give you the ability to nudge users who haven't been active in awhile, display recent activity for all employees to see.


But, if we're being honest, none of the above should be needed to drive adoption. The best performance management software will be a seamless no-brainer for managers and an engaging solution for employees, earning adoption all on its own. Ask software providers if they offer a free trial of their performance management system to see if its up to snuff for your workforce. 


4. Is the performance management software customizable to your culture?

Ideally, your performance management software will provide you with some structure and process. For example, a system could include one-on-one meeting templates and a suggested cadence for meeting. That's great, but make sure the provider you choose allows for some flexibility. Your company's culture is unique and constantly evolving. Choose and performance management software that can fit your needs now and in the future.


Take personalization step one further and find a software that lets you customize employee profiles, include images, videos, or gifs in posts and updates, incorporates your company branding, and emulates your core values. 



5. Can the software provider help you measure its impact?

Any performance management software worth its salt can prove its impact. Make sure your system can measure what's important to you and your leadership team. Ask potential providers if they can show that public recognition makes employees feel valued. Or if transparent goal setting and tracking leads to greater organizational alignment.


6. Does the developer use their own performance management software?

You'd be surprised how common this actually is. If a provider of performance management software doesn’t use their own tools, your company shouldn’t be either. Enough said.


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