Recognition Quotes: What Employees Value Most

After nearly 10 years of researching employee engagement, it is clear that being recognized for good work is a key ingredient to an engaged workforce—our 2012 Employee Engagement Trends Report proves it. But generic forms of recognition may not be enough. Recognition comes in all shapes and sizes, and in order for it to work, it needs to come in a form that employees value.

Recognizing employees and making them feel appreciated confirms that their work is valued. According to our What Employees Want whitepaper, employees who receive recognition that makes them feel valued have higher levels of engagement. So how do we know what kinds of recognition employees overlook and what kinds make them feel valued?

We asked them.

Below are comments found on employee engagement surveys that tell us what kind of recognition makes employees feel valued.

  • It’s nice that we survey. It shows that the company actually hears what we have to say; it gives each employee a voice.
  • I feel appreciated during our Employee of the Month nominations.
  • I really like the silly awards given out at holiday parties, like “Best Barista” or “Most Energetic on Mondays.”
  • Our manager works WITH us; she doesn't just tell us what to do, but shows us how and jumps in when it gets busy.
  • This company goes above and beyond in support for work-related higher education.
  • Evaluations throughout the year show that the company cares about the work we do.
  • The employees here value small incentives, general kindness, and “thank you's” for a job well done.
  • The employer in this office does so much for us to make us feel that we are very important to the office. I do not have the words to describe it—I’d just like to say thanks.
  • I am always acknowledged for extra time put in or extra effort. I feel appreciated and valued. I am always treated with respect.
  • Our company does not micro-manage. They completely trust you to do a great job without constantly checking up on you.

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Published November 8, 2012 | Written By Natalie Wickham