Employee Recognition Quotes: How Do Employees Want to be Recognized

As evaluated by Quantum Workplace, recognition by superiors is one of the driving factors that contribute to the top 10 areas of employee engagement. In fact, our 2018 Employee Engagement Trends Report found that feeling valued was one of the four critical areas having the strongest association with overall engagement. Employees feel valued when they're recognized; but what kind of recognition motivates employees and how much do they want?


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Below are employee recognition quotes found on various engagement surveys. The comments reveal employees' opinions on what their companies do well and what they need to work on in regard to employee recognition, company benefits, and workplace rewards.

What my company does well:

  • My organization continues to put the employee first and recognize the impact each person has on the success of the company. We have grown our organization through internal promotions and a commitment to the personal and professional growth of individuals.
  • We recognize employees for thinking outside the box and/or going above and beyond the call of duty. "Pat on the back" cards can be filled out by any employee or manager to recognize someone for their special efforts while working. These are put in employee files and names are drawn every month, with the winner receiving a gift card.
  • Employees are treated with respect and recognized for their accomplishments, whether they are upper management or a clerk.
  • Our compensation plans are sensible and reward individual performance when the company benefits from our productivity. Employees who show they want to contribute to being a better organization are rewarded.
  • My company recognizes outstanding employees through several recognition programs including: Pat on the Back Awards, The President Council Award, and Hearts of our Homes.

What my company needs to work on:

  • I wish our leadership gave out more creative rewards (even small) would be nice. We are compensated very well and fairly; however, unique/one-off recognition is helpful.
  • My company needs to make employees feel appreciated, make employees feel equal, and allow for equal rewards, as well as punishments.
  • I don't think hard work is recognized enough. We especially need more recognition for the non-management workers.
  • Recognize individual work ethics. Don't treat everyone so black and white.
  • More immediate recognition of jobs well done, like evaluations being done on time. For exemplary service, recognition through a heftier pay increase would be nice, say $1.00-$2.00.



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Published January 27, 2018 | Written By Natalie Wickham