10 Employee Recognition Quotes to Bring You Into the New Year

‘Twas the night after Christmas, with decorations torn down, No feelings of jolly, the only expression a frown; But fear not fellow readers, don’t pout, don’t mope, What’s that down below? A glisten of hope! Yes the holiday has gone, but hold onto your cheer, Here are five employee recognition quotes to keep spirits bright in the New Year!

"They show that although I'm not perfect, I'm still a great asset who they appreciate."

"My employer does so much to make every employee feel like an essential component to the company's success. I'd just like to say thanks."50-comments-email_03_03

"The benefits that come from working here are above and beyond the monetary rewards we receive."

"Lack of recognition is not an issue here."

"I have received more positive feedback and recognition here than anywhere else in my life. My personal confidence level has gone up considerably. I love it here!"

The New Year is approaching, but don’t celebrate just yet, For not all employees love what they get; Some bash and banter, and say ruder things still, Comments so shocking, they’ll give you a chill; Read five more quotes if you choose, but I caution you, “Watch out!” Your current strategy you might, challenge, question, or doubt.

"My supervisor once told me, 'It's not what you do, it's what people think you do. Try to take credit for other people's work.'"

"We're led by power-hungry individuals who are all-too willing to punish and oppress subordinates." "It seems as though threats of error are the normal means of motivation."

"Leadership does a terrible job of noticing, let alone recognizing employees. There's no incentive anymore."

"I've never been told that I'm doing a good job.

Sadly, this poem is reaching its end, But I have one more gift to package and send; I give you recognition quotes, the worst and the best, To help you with strategy, all who’ve read can attest! They can be found on this parchment, an ebook so keen, Why it’s The 50 Best and Worst Recognition Comments of 2013!


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Published December 26, 2013 | Written By Natalie Wickham