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Dan Harris, Ph.D.

Dan Harris, Ph.D.

Dan has a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and is Lead Researcher at Quantum Workplace. He conducts studies using employee and user data to promote meaningful changes for organizations. He also frequently contributes to the QWork Future with data-driven stories, and he is the creator of the podcast Manager Mysteries & Mishaps.

Articles by Dan Harris, Ph.D.

[Infographic] Key Challenges of Management

9.19.19 by Dan Harris, Ph.D.
Managers & Leaders, Research & Trends

As an HR rep, you know what it’s like to be busy and have a lot expected of you. Your managers feel the same, and they need your help.


We gathered some sobering stats about the overwhelming expectations placed on managers. With only so many hours in a day, these challenges of management may...

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What’s the Optimal Span of Control for People Managers?

9.11.19 by Dan Harris, Ph.D.
Managers & Leaders, Research & Trends

If you’re a people manager, here’s a quick question:

how many employees report directly to you?

One? Five? Fifteen? That’s your span of control.


Now here’s a not-so-quick question:

how many direct reports should a manager have?


That’s not as easy to answer.

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The Importance of Breaks at Work

9.10.19 by Dan Harris, Ph.D.
Company Culture, Research & Trends

When you think about employee wellness, work breaks probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind. You might think about health fairs, blood pressure, dieting, and weight loss. Maybe even meditation and yoga.But what do breaks at work have to do with employee wellbeing?


Our latest...

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Emotions in the Workplace: Negative Moral Emotions and How to Manage Them

8.29.19 by Dan Harris, Ph.D.
Company Culture, Research & Trends

Basic emotions such as happiness and sadness are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. But many of the emotions we experience in the workplace are much more complex — especially moral emotions.


Morals are the principles that differentiate between good and bad behavior, and they vary...

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How Employee Wellness Impacts Employee Engagement

8.15.19 by Dan Harris, Ph.D.
Employee Engagement, Company Culture, Research & Trends

Employee wellness goes hand in hand with employee engagement. When employees aren’t feeling well, it’s hard for them to stay engaged at work. If an employee is struggling with health or financial issues, they’re more likely to be distracted and unable to give their full attention at work.

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Why Employee Financial Well Being is a Must-Have for Corporate Wellness

7.16.19 by Dan Harris, Ph.D.
Company Culture, Research & Trends

Financial insecurity causes a lot of stress. When employees are worried about providing for themselves, their families, and their futures, it’s hard for them to focus on anything else — including their work.


Roughly 40% of American adults don’t have enough cash savings to pay for an unexpected...

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