Win the Engagement Game by Empowering Your Managers as Coaches

John Wooden, UCLA coach“Make sure that team members know they are working with you, not for you.”

Those are the words of John Wooden, arguably the greatest coach in the history of college basketball. His leadership style earned him 664 victories and 10 national titles during his tenure at UCLA, and he’s widely recognized as one of the sport’s most influential leaders.

But his advice isn’t confined to the hardwood. For an organization to be effective, managers must lead their teams effectively. They are the coaches, in a sense, of the organization, and they need to engender a "team" atmosphere in the workplace. Employees must feel they are connected to their managers, that everyone is working together.

No head coach goes into a game alone. Quantum Workplace offers several assistant coaches that can help your managers lead and coax the most wins out of their employees.


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Assistant: 1-on-1s

How they help: Communication is vital, and 1-on-1 meetings ensure that managers and employees are regularly meeting to discuss goals, performance, and engagement levels. Not only does this help develop the manager/employee relationship, but it gives the employee a voice and makes sure all parties are on the same page. Quantum Workplace provides a discussion framework so conversations don’t stall or become repetitive over time.

Quote from the real world: “We’ve really tried to stress that a manager’s job is 60% about dealing with people and 40% doing work. We’ve really tried to create a space for them to do the people things they need to do.” – Mart Sedky, Vice President of Human Capital at OPPD

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Assistant: Goals

How they help: Every team sets benchmarks before the season, giving the squad something to shoot for. Workplaces are no different. Goals must be set at the individual, team, and organizational level to ensure everyone knows the expected outcomes and is pushing in the same direction. With Quantum Workplace, both managers and employees can view the progress of individual and team goals and make sure they’re properly aligned.

Quote from the real world: “Help individuals measure and clearly understand and articulate their own performance so they know when they’re knocking it out of the park and when they’re not. We don’t want them leaving each day and not understanding the impact they’re having in their individual position.” – Katie Strehler, Principal and Chief HR Officer at Rehmann

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Assistant: Recognition

How it helps: You may not give out MVP or Rookie of the Year honors, but it’s important to recognize strong performance. Receiving praise reinforces behavior and encourages employees to work harder. It’s incredibly simple to give recognition with Quantum Workplace – a few taps on the keyboard and a click are all that separates a manager from easily boosting employee engagement. Recognition can be given by any employee at any time, and you can add custom organizational values.

Quote from the real world: “Tell them when you know it. If I’m working with Dan, Dan and I are preparing for a presentation with my boss. I’m watching Dan prepare that content and I think when I know how well Dan did, I should tell him. Sometimes we wait until the midyear conversation period or sometime later. Just tell him when you know it. As you’re walking out of that meeting, just tell him what you saw.” – Leander LeSure, Chief HR Office at Getty Images

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Assistant: Feedback

How it helps: A coach would never wait until the end of the season to tell a player he needs to work harder in practice or get in better shape. You need to give continuous feedback that lets employees know where you see them thriving and what areas they should try to improve. Quantum Workplace provides feedback templates and allows feedback to be given or requested at any time. This keeps managers and employees in communication and on the same page.

Quote from the real world: “Your coach isn’t going to give you all your feedback at the end of the game. They’re going to give it to you throughout.” – Adam Parrish, head of HR at Hudl

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Allow these trusty assistants to help you set up your game plan for engagement. These tools improve communication, set standards, and create bonds within the workplace. And like individual athletes, they’re great on their own. But when combined and allowed to play specific roles, they reach their true potential.

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