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Libby Duong

Libby Duong

It’s rare to not find Libby listening to music or eating her favorite dill-flavored sunflower seeds. Libby manages internal marketing, events and conferences for the organization, and leads social media & PR efforts to drive awareness of QW's mission to make work better every day.

Articles by Libby Duong

[HR Calendar Template] for Employee Engagement Throughout the Year

12.13.19 by Libby Duong
Employee Engagement, Company Culture


"By failing to prepare, you're preparing to fail."


Benjamin Franklin's famous words ring true in all walks of life: if you don't put effort into an upcoming endeavor, it's probably not going to work out as you planned. This certainly rings true with employee engagement.



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How to Throw a Wicked Halloween Office Party

10.24.19 by Libby Duong
Company Culture

It's that spooky time of year when offices far and wide begin to plan for Halloween at work. At Quantum Workplace, we love work parties, we love costumes, and we love ORANGE!


So it’s no surprise that we take Halloween (and more importantly, our Halloween parties) very seriously. Do you want to...

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'How Do You Halloween?' 2017 Hall of Fame

10.22.18 by Libby Duong
Announcements, Company Culture

We take Halloween very seriously here at Quantum Workplace. And we know we aren't the only ones out there.


Spooky season is upon us, and so is our annual "How Do You Halloween?" contest. Let's take a moment to reflect on last year's honorable mentions. As you peruse 2017's cream of the crop,...

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15 Doable New Hire Orientation Ideas for Managers

5.30.18 by Libby Duong
Employee Lifecycle, Managers & Leaders

Research shows that onboarding may be the most critical time in an employee’s experience at a company. While there are many things managers need to know about onboarding, the bottom line is this: An employee's onboarding experience will not only shape his or her understanding of your...

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8 Employee Recognition Programs That Will Always Fail

5.16.18 by Libby Duong
Employee Recognition

No one can argue against the benefits of employee recognition programs, but that doesn’t mean that any ol' recognition program will suffice.


Some recognition programs are great: they engage employees, motivate performance, and drive organizational culture. But some do more harm than good.



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Goal Setting Worksheets for Productive Teams

4.19.18 by Libby Duong
Performance Management

The most productive people and organizations set goals. Why? Because goals detail and clarify the journey toward productivity and optimum employee performance.


Think of a goal like a road map: you may know your end destination ($50 million in revenue, for example), but without the directions...

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