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Hilary Wright

Hilary Wright

Hilary is the Marketing Director at Quantum Workplace, where she leads the overall marketing strategy and brand management. She works closely with the client success and sales teams to ensure the educational resources and other communication pieces Quantum Workplace publishes meet the needs of HR professionals. Hilary is passionate about helping organizations create positive environments where talent is nurtured and valued. She’s a Kansas City native, a blues and soul music lover, and a Truman State University alum who is the proud mom of a Cairnoodle pup.

Articles by Hilary Wright

Why Your SMART Goals Template is Derailing Employee Productivity

5.25.18 by Hilary Wright
Managers, OKRs and Goals, Performance,

You have your pick of SMART goals templates to share with employees, and for the most part, they’re all the same, including the template provided here. But despite following all the best practices on how to set goals, your SMART goals template can still fail employees, completely derailing...

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13 Performance Review Tips That Actually Improve Employee Performance

5.3.18 by Hilary Wright
Culture, Developing Employees, Managers, OKRs and Goals, Performance,

The best employee performance reviews are positive experiences that motivate and drive high performance. But creating that kind of experience is easier said than done for most managers.


Performance management is rapidly evolving. Although the traditional, annual review is still useful, it's...

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The Biggest New Hire Orientation Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

1.21.18 by Hilary Wright
Culture, Developing Employees, Recruitment & Hiring, Turnover & Retention,

A new hire orientation welcomes new employees into the organization. It’s intended to help integrate employees into their new role and new organization as quickly as possible. Typically, a new hire orientation includes an introduction to the team and company, an office tour, a benefits packet,...

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5 Ways to Prepare Your People Strategy for High Growth—Backed by Science

11.15.17 by Hilary Wright
Leadership, Recognition, Turnover & Retention,

High-growth firms experience unique challenges, especially when it comes to scaling a people strategy that engages and retains employees. This is evident in our recent research on the middle market, America’s fastest growing sector, which found employee engagement down 11.5 percent.


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