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Christina Thompson

Christina Thompson

As Marketing Content Specialist, Christina authors client stories, blog posts, and ebooks for Quantum Workplace. Along with the marketing, research, and sales teams, she educates prospects and clients on optimizing employee experience. When not at work, she's probably flipping through flashcards with her med-student husband.

Articles by Christina Thompson

We Should All Be Networking Internally - Here's Why

9.25.18 by Christina Thompson
Culture, Managers, Performance, Research & Trends,

We’ve been told time and time again how we can use our social networks to help our careers: connect to future jobs, establish a personal brand, and gain insights into new industries or problems. We spend so much time tending to these networks that we often forget to turn the lens internally, to...

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes When Setting OKRs

9.17.18 by Christina Thompson
Managers, OKRs and Goals, Performance,

Goal setting, goal tracking, goal accomplishing…in many offices, “goal” is a four-letter word that is wreaks havoc at the same time each month, quarter, and year.


Many companies have found relief from the Sisyphean task of employee goal setting with the OKR system. OKRs can help organizations...

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How to Sell Different Workplace Personalities on 360 Degree Reviews

9.12.18 by Christina Thompson
Developing Employees, Managers, Performance,

Let’s face it: Not everyone is as tickled to complete a 360 degree review as HR wants you to believe. They can be time-consuming, confusing, and just plain boring. But, for a 360 to work, participation is crucial. Below you’ll find the nine workplace personalities and how to sell them on your...

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Introverts and Employee Engagement: A Manager's Guide

8.30.18 by Christina Thompson
Culture, Developing Employees, Managers, Teamwork,

Examining everything from politics to college applications makes it very clear that the Western world values extroversion. We assume people who are quiet don’t have anything valuable to say. We assume that people who don’t participate dislike the group. We value action over thought, doers over...

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