Employee Quotes: The Old, the Wise, the Tenured

In a heathy workplace, both new employees and tenured employees are actively engaged, athough commonly for different reasons. Employees with the lowest tenure are generally engaged due to the excitement of their new position and the anticipation of what lies ahead. While the initial excitement no longer affects tenured employees, they still remain engaged as they are rewarded with higher compensation, more influence, management positions, etc.

Unfortunately, not all workplaces are healthy and not all employees remain engaged. If the excitment of starting a new career wears off and your employees are no longer engaged, you have a problem.

So, we were curious. What keeps employees engaged after the initial excitement wears off and what doesn't? We sifted throught engagement surveys submitted by employees with 10 or more years of experience to see what they had to say. Below are the comments we found.

  • Since the start of my employment several years ago, this company has come a long way. It has its strengths and weaknesses, but the company does a good job of keeping the momentum up. In the past few years, my company has started to address its weaknesses. Employees need to continue to present suggestions to management in a professional way, so that we can continue towards a more progressive and successful company.
  • I've worked for nine different agencies during my 20-year career, and this is by far the best agency of them all. It's a phenomenal company with a great corporate culture; it’s filled with smart and exceptionally talented employees.
  • This is a reactive organization as opposed to a proactive organization. I’ve been here over 20 years and was once proud to be apart of this organization, now counting the days until retirement and getting off this sinking ship.
  • I've been around for a long time. I’ve worked at a number of different agencies and in number of different industries. This is the most supportive, most collaborative, BEST place I've ever worked. You'll have to carry me out when I stop breathing!
  • This place is very special and unique. It is grounded on the care and concern of very basic human values. I have never worked in a place like this in 17 years in this industry. It is truly an amazing place; I absolutely feel blessed to have these people as my work family.
  • I have been in this industry for 20 years. This is, without a doubt, the best atmosphere and most rewarding place I have ever had the opportunity in which to work.
  • I love my job and I have a great manager, but there is no trust or camaraderie within the department (outside my unit). It is tough when an employee's distrust is so strong that they are afraid to call the 'anonymous' integrity line. I have worked in the same department for over 20 years and at this point I do not know my future with the organization.
  • There seems to be little to no room for advancement, we have not received a cost of living or a merit increase since I've been here. Had I know that would be the case before I got here, I would not have taken the job. I make less money with every year of employment; there’s something wrong with that picture. Insurance goes up every year, gas goes up every year, and the cost of living goes up every year.
  • For 10 years I have be identified as a top-performing individual and rewarded as such both in work responsibility and compensation. However, recent management changes have resulted in a total cut-off of communication, a drastic decrease in my staff, and unnecessary departmental switches.
  • I am making almost $20,000 a year less than what I was told I would be making by this time when I was hired 10 years ago. The last two “raises” I received were so offset by employee benefit contribution increases that I actually brought home 50 dollars less a month. I can barely afford to work here anymore.

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Published November 15, 2012 | Written By Natalie Wickham