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2015 Employee Engagement Trends Part 3: HR Technology

/ 12.17.14

Technology is an integral part of our lives both at home and at work. We asked HR experts and thought leaders how they think evolving technology will impact HR functions and the employee experience. Read their predictions!

An Amplifier, Not a Substitute

"There’s this conversation happening right now in the HR space about having to choose between people and technology. Sometimes it’s called the “put the human back in human resources” discussion. sharlyn laubyI feel human resources is realizing they don’t need to make a choice. Implementing a technology doesn’t mean you’re losing the human touch. And in-person interactions do not compromise the effectiveness of technology."
Transformative HR happens when people and technology are used to maximize their individual effectiveness. Leveraging the benefits of technology allows HR to focus on the human interactions that must take place. This is not a zero sum game. It’s about creating a win-win. That’s transformational HR.

Sharlyn Lauby

HR Bartender | ITM Group | Mashable

"Technology won’t be our biggest driver behind change. If anything, it makes HR practices like recruitment, engagement, and recognition even more difficult (particularly as we overemphasize unnecessary things like social media, gammification or proprietary HCM apps). High tech isn't a substitute for high touch. Interpersonal interactions and one-on-one communications are really still the only proven solution for any of these issues. Tematt charneychnology can automate and amplify initiatives but not replace old school, traditional methods. I think that we're going to realize that mobile recruiting is more effective when you use the actual phone capabilities, social media will work better when we let people talk to their networks instead of on message, and employee recognition is as simple as a "thank you." These things lose their meaning when they become scalable."

--Matt Charney

Snark Attack | Recruiting Daily, LLC

“We will be more focused on technologies that integrate and leverage our already existing rjessica miller-merrellesources. For example, we will expand our use of internal social networks to serve as a central place, not only for communication, but as resources we typically relied on the company portal for. Mobile and wearable technologies will be used to alert managers and team members of important project changes and deadlines. We will be focused on productivity and time management as information, learnings, and news is coming in so many directions."

Jessica Miller-Merrell

Blogging4Jobs | Xceptional HR


Employee Surveys Will Evolve

“More companies will use shorter, paul hebertaction-triggered surveys to assess employee point of view after an event, during times of change, or to get a regular pulse on engagement. I also anticipate employees being required to participate in one-on-one engagement discussions following the anonymous surveys.”

Paul Hebert

symbolist | Fistful of Talent


"More companies are working proactively onEmail-Signature-Greg employee engagement today than they were ten years ago. These same companies are also working on cool predictive analytics concepts. But to merge attitudinal data with behavioral data, it’s going to require companies to lift the veil of anonymity on their attitudinal surveys. As a provider of employee survey tools, more clients are asking us to relax industry standards on anonymity. They’re not doing this because they want retribution on poorly engaged individuals. They want to be able to integrate data on manager effectiveness, trust, and retention risk into their workplace planning models. We’re resisting those client demands now. But they’re getting louder and more frequent. Remember when people thought “the facebook” would fail because most don’t want to showcase their lives online? Human ideas and expectations on privacy are changing. That transformation will likely occur with employee feedback as well. Humans will be willing to have their feedback attributed to them if it means the organization is more likely to take action on the feedback."

Greg Harris

Quantum Workplace


More Employee Engagement Focused

"I believe bret starrthat engagement technology is the next phase of growth and development in the HCM market segment. There are many categories out there, like recognition for example, that can expand their features and benefits to offer a comprehensive, integrated approach to engagement. A comprehensive approach to engagement will have a positive impact on all aspects of HCM -- from attracting top talent to catalyzing personal and professional growth to the mutual benefit of employees and employers."

Bret Starr

The Starr Conspiracy


“Technology will become less Email-Signature-Darrenemployer-driven and more social- or employee-oriented. We’re already seeing this in terms of recruitment (think LinkedIn) and peer-to-peer recognition tools. We’ll soon be seeing this with engagement. We’ve been pushing to make engagement more social with our M.E. (My Engagement) report, and other companies will begin to evolve as well.”

Darren Noble

Quantum Workplace


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