Employee Recognition

to Celebrate and Motivate Success


Appreciate, motivate, and engage in real time
with peer-to-peer recognition tied to goals, performance, and core values.


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Employee Recognition-Help managers screenshot
Help managers recognize good work.

Use public, peer-to-peer, real-time recognition to celebrate, motivate, and engage teams. Alert managers when others have recognized their teams.


Give managers a holistic view of performance by integrating recognition seamlessly into goals, one-on-one meetings, and performance feedback.

Online Platform to Showcase Success
Connect teams. Elevate individuals.

Unearth all the great work in your organization. Use a recognition board to put faces and names to stories of success.


Watch employees bond, congratulate, and motivate efforts— both large and small— with comments, likes, and gifs.

Tied to Values and Goals
Model winning values and attitudes.

Help managers model the behaviors and values of your culture. Set up recognition badges tailored to your organization, and tie every recognition post to a desired behavior.


Values come to life when employees can see them in action.

Recognition on Mobile
Put the power of recognition in everyone’s hand.

Managers aren’t the only eyes and ears of good work. Share the responsibility of employee recognition across the organization.


Every employee can post and celebrate.

Why Quantum Workplace?

It’s a seamless fit.
It’s a
seamless fit.

The all-in-one platform fits naturally into your managers’ processes. It’s intuitive, but robust enough to make a difference. And it scales with you, so it’s always a good fit.

It’s a personal coach.
It’s a
personal coach.

Expert advice and in-tool coaching are baked into the software, providing your managers with the answers they need, when they need them.

It’s transformational.

The way we work is changing, and your managers need tools that can keep up. Our software amplifies and prioritizes feedback in real-time, transforming the way managers lead their teams.

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