2020 Employee Engagement Trends Report

How America’s Best Places to Work Engage & Retain Top Talent

The workplace is changing. Learn how America's Best Places to Work engage, leverage, understand, and retain their talent. Includes insights and best practices to accelerate your talent strategies in 2021.

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What's Inside

The landscape of the workplace changed dramatically in 2020. Many organizations have struggled, but those who have remained successful have one thing in common:

Prioritizing culture and talent.

In our latest Employee Engagement Trends Report, we spotlight what the best organizations do differently and pinpoint the evidence-based practices that lead to successful teams and organizations.

The report is comprised of four sections that will help you understand trends and best practices around:

  • Engaging top talent
  • Leveraging talent for high performance
  • Understanding the employee experience
  • Retaining talented employees

The content of this report will help you focus on improving your engagement programs and strategies to drive employee and business success all year long.

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About the Research

For more than a decade, Quantum Workplace has partnered with workplaces across the United States to measure the experiences of organizations that successfully attract, engage, and retain top talent. This year’s report examines data collected through America’s Best Places to Work program, surveying more than 600,000 employees between January and December 2019.


Employee Engagement Model

Quantum Workplace measures employee engagement using the e9 Model of Employee Engagement—a set of nine core engagement items that measure the relative strength of an employee’s emotional and mental connection with their work, team, and organization. "The e9" has been found to be a reliable measure of employee engagement and has been validated against a variety of indicators.


About Quantum Workplace

Our mission is to make work better every day. We believe the best way to accomplish that mission is to equip organizational leaders with the best insights and tools to drive individual, team, and organizational success. Our approach to employee success is quite simple. We believe that engaged employees who achieve high performance equate to employee success.


About Best Places to Work

Founded in 2004, Best Places to Work is the original contest created to honor companies where talent is valued and engaged. The contest is held annually in nearly 50 markets and garners participation from more than 10,000 organizations. Quantum Workplace partners with various local publications, professional organizations, and other sponsors to conduct the survey and recognize America’s Best Places to Work.


"We use one of the largest employee engagement databases in the United States to understand what matters most to the modern employee experience. These insights help organizational leaders to attract and leverage top talent and prepare for the future of work."

Shane McFeely
Lead Researcher
Quantum Workplace