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Megan Maslanka

Megan Maslanka

Client Advisor at Quantum Workplace, Megan guides organizations through their employee engagement program and coaches them on how to use their data to make better decisions. With more than five years of HR experience, she has a passion for improving engagement, productivity, and culture.

Articles by Megan Maslanka

5 Things to Consider Before You Invest in Employee Engagement Software

5.2.18 by Megan Maslanka
Employee Engagement, Employee Engagement Software

Starting the employee engagement software journey is intimidating. There are a million different products, with a million different features, all aimed at helping your organization increase engagement. The number of options and the weight of the decision can be paralyzing.


My advice? Start...

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3 Tips to Overcome Fear of Change in the Workplace

9.14.17 by Megan Maslanka
Company Culture

You’ve likely heard this saying many times before: “The only constant in life is change.” Yet if change is the one thing in life that’s inevitable, then why are we employees so horrible at dealing with it? One word: fear. Our fear of change in the workplace can inhibit our ability to embrace the...

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Why Employees Need Peer Coaching

2.22.17 by Megan Maslanka
Talent Development

One of HR’s main priorities is to drive employee performance and growth. More often than not, they try to do this with the traditional learning and development resources: conferences, training sessions, webinars, and — oh yes — the infamous job shadowing and cross-training.


Although each of...

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How Your Unwritten Rules are Harming Your Inclusive Culture

9.15.16 by Megan Maslanka
Company Culture


Many organizations, though trying hard to implement strategic diversity and inclusion initiatives, are failing miserably. Yes, your diversity numbers and affirmative action stats may be up. They may even be better than your peers.

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Strategic HR: Combining BigData and Human Intuition

4.17.15 by Megan Maslanka
Managers & Leaders, Research & Trends

BigData: [noun] a buzzword, or catch-phrase, used to describe a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that is so large that it's difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques.

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