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Jarah Banks

Jarah Banks

As Customer Experience Director, Jarah helps create and manage programs to increase customer success and advocacy. Formerly a Customer Success Manager, Jarah has managed survey projects for more than 200 clients annually.

Articles by Jarah Banks

2019 Employee Voice Award Nominees Announced

2.1.19 by Jarah Banks

OMAHA, Neb. (Feb. 1, 2019) – Each year, we at Quantum Workplace host our Best Places to Work contest, which recognizes the top 20 organizations for their distinction in employee engagement with the Employee Voice Award. We define employee engagement as the strength of mental and emotional...

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How to Leverage Employee Engagement Ambassadors

8.15.17 by Jarah Banks
Employee Engagement

A successful employee engagement strategy is centered on utilizing employee feedback to uncover meaningful insight, make positive change, and create a better employee experience. But why do we insist on collecting employee feedback only after we’ve developed said engagement strategy? Why not ask...

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7 Award-Winning Employee Engagement Strategies

5.1.17 by Jarah Banks
Employee Engagement

Each year, Quantum Workplace honors clients nationwide for success in collecting, analyzing, and acting on employee feedback with the Employee Voice Award (EVA). Because when employers value their people, genuinely listen to their feedback, and work hard to make positive change, they deserve to...

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Increase Your Survey Response Rate: 15 Tips That are Proven to Work!

12.7.15 by Jarah Banks
Employee Engagement, Employee Surveys

Employee surveys are only effective when employees respond. Moreover, you need a high response rate in order to collect aggregate, accurate, and actionable data. But getting a high survey response rate isn’t easy—whether your employees are intimidated by the process, don’t believe their...

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Prolonging the Workplace Honeymoon Phase

8.20.14 by Jarah Banks
Employee Engagement, Employee Lifecycle, Talent Development

Want to get that new-job spark back?


In our 2014 Employee Engagement Trends Report we take a look at employee engagement by several demographics, including tenure. It’s no secret that engagement is highest when an employee first start a job.

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