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Greg Harris

Greg Harris

President and CEO of Quantum Workplace, Greg Harris’ first passion is architecting company culture and driving the career development of his team. Greg strongly believes that every organization, no matter size, industry, or purpose, should have access to quality engagement analytics and tools that guide their next steps to making work awesome.

Articles by Greg Harris

The Open and Honest Truth About Workplace Communication

8.2.17 by Greg Harris
Company Culture

Employee engagement experts consistently trumpet the value of “open and honest” workplace communication. Our standard employee engagement survey measures employee perception on this item, “When the organization makes changes, I understand why.”


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A Note from Quantum Workplace on Mission and Product Names

3.31.16 by Greg Harris

For 13 years, we have delivered tools that help employers capture and understand the voice of employees. Our early years were mostly employee engagement surveys with a killer online reporting site to analyze results. 

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Love Thy Colleague

12.22.15 by Greg Harris
Employee Recognition

It took a confrontation with three spirits to scare Ebenezer Scrooge out of his selfishness. And his very first action after having a change of heart was to pour some overdue love on Bob Cratchit, his long-time colleague. Scrooge sent a child to buy and deliver the town’s biggest turkey to...

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How Nelson Mandela Can Change Your Leadership World

12.6.13 by Greg Harris
Managers & Leaders

There are department leaders who rise to inspire entire companies. There are team leaders who rise and ignite a sport. And there are national leaders who emerge and transcend their country to become a beacon of hope for the world.

Yesterday, earth lost the most transcendent leader in a...

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How to Deal With Disengaged Employees: 8 Best Practices for Managers

10.24.13 by Greg Harris
Employee Engagement, Managers & Leaders

"I have disengaged employees...what do I do?" When answering this question, managers often find themselves facing a difficult ultimatum. Keep your disengaged employees on the team and hope for the best, or fire them and cut your losses.


In some cases, when the root of the disengagement stems...

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The Genius of Generation Y

3.1.12 by Greg Harris
Company Culture
Young Professionals. Emerging Leaders. High Potentials. Creatives. Millenials. Gen Y. We have lots of titles for the youngest demographic in the workplace. Some titles reference age. Some fragment them into groups according to performance. Some assign generalizations about the group’s interests...
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