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10 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement with Corporate Wellness Programs

EmployeeBenefitsEbookSalary is no longer alone atop the mountain.


Compensation alone used to rule the job employee marketplace. But recent research found that 88 percent of employees would consider a lower-paying job if it came with superior benefits such as better health insurance and more flexible hours. 


Employees crave positions that come with perks, and they're flocking to employers that can offer in-house workout facilities, flexible hours, and opportunities to work outside the office. If you want to attract and retain the best of the best, you have to offer competitive benefit packages.


This is a true area of opportunity for most employers. With the right resources, employers can revamp their corporate wellness programs to improve employee perception and increase employee engagement. Our research-based ebook, Workplace Well-Being, leverages the findings from a health and wellness survey to help you do just that.


Below is one section of the ebook that identifies 10 benefit areas with the biggest gap between the percentage of employees who want it and the percentage that say their employer provides it, including things like stress-relief breaks, healthy cafeteria and vending options, and time for healthy activities at work.


Scroll through to learn 10 ways you can increase employee engagement with your corporate wellness program.



Click here to download the entire ebook, which includes an analysis of 31 benefit items, best practices for implementing a successful well-being program, a quiz to see if your program is relevant, and more!

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