2016 Employee engagement Trends
Engagement is Flat. Manager Effectiveness is in Trouble.

After a taking a dive the previous year, employee engagement remains relatively flat, and to top it off, deficient performance feedback from managers is holding employees back from full engagement. Who’s getting hit the hardest? Where are the biggest declines and improvements? And how can you ensure these factors don’t negatively impact your workplace?


Find out these answers and more in the sixth annual Employee Engagement Trends Report, our most popular ebook! Discover the trends impacting today’s top workplaces in this comprehensive report, examining employee survey data from more than half a million employees across 8,700+ organizations competing in Best Places to Work.


Inside this must-have report, you'll find:

  • What workplace culture elements decline and improved in the past year
  • Why manager effectiveness took such a big hit in favorability
  • How employee engagement varies among key employee and organizational demographics
  • New this year! A look at how engagement differs depending on a company's corporate status and an employee's emploment status
  • New this year! Men's and women's engagement has always been disparate, but what about those who don't identify as male or female?

Prepare yourself for 2016.

  • Understand the demographic trends
  • Fix manager effectiveness
  • Harness the opportunities at your organization