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Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen

Recovering corporate HR exec and workplace culture geek, Jason Lauritsen is Quantum Workplace’s Director of Client Success. Keynote speaker and writer, Jason has been featured on the SHRM Blog, DriveThru HR, ERE Media, and HR Examiner. He is also the taller half of the dynamic speaking duo Talent Anarchy.

Articles by Jason Lauritsen

Bring ‘Open Source’ to HR: An Interview With Lars Schmidt

3.24.16 by Jason Lauritsen

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Lars Schmidt at an HR conference where we were both speaking. At the time, Lars was leading the Talent Acquisition and Innovation efforts for NPR where he was doing some really amazing work.

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Compensation Will Be Just Fine Without Your Dysfunctional Performance Appraisal

11.5.15 by Jason Lauritsen

I have been calling for the death of traditional, scored performance appraisals for a long time. Today, there is a chorus of voices singing this same hymn. But, despite there being pretty clear evidence that this practice is fatally flawed, most companies persist, leaving their employees and managers to suffer from HR’s version of Chinese water torture.


What is holding us back from putting this nonsense behind us for good?


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Fantasy Football at Work is Good for Business

9.2.15 by Jason Lauritsen

It’s that time of year when many of us go football crazy. And, as the on September 10, so too does the fantasy football season for some 33 million people.


As a reformed corporate HR leader, I know there are conversations happening in board rooms and HR offices everywhere about how to minimize the loss of productivity that is sure to happen as a result of this fantasy football phenomena.

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Growth, Discomfort, and the Workplace: Life Lessons From the Marine Corps

8.6.15 by Jason Lauritsen

Making small talk has been pretty easy for me lately. When someone says to me, “What’s new with you?” I say, “Well, we just sent our oldest son off to Marine Corps boot camp.” Pretty easy to have a conversation from there. It has been and continues to be a roller coaster. There’s pride, concern, resolve, loss, and a whole bunch of other emotions to deal with. It's a really interesting experience to be a part of --- especially as someone who's keenly interested in the growth and development of human beings.

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Wages Win Workplace Madness! What Does This Mean for Employee Engagement?

4.6.15 by Jason Lauritsen
Research & Trends,

The wait is over. Today we’re revealing the ultimate champion in our Workplace Awesomeness Bracket Challenge. In a close matchup, above average wages was declared the ultimate champion out of 32 possible choices. This means that out of the 1,300 employees who completed the survey, above-average wages was most commonly selected as the single most important factor to making work awesome.

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Your Policy Manual Is Evil

6.25.14 by Jason Lauritsen

Try this logic on with me.


If anything that makes a person feel worthless or of less value is evil (and perhaps you aren’t as dramatic as I am, so you can just say “bad”). And if many of the policies written in your handbook assume employees are some combination of incompetent or idiotic (hence, less valuable or worthless). Then your employee handbook and many of the policies within it are evil.

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