Employee Vitals

A Breakthrough Approach to
Managing Your Talent Pipeline


Make proactive and strategic talent decisions
with real-time employee vitals.


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Your talent review process is important, but it shouldn’t be a headache.


Talent decisions should be based on credible data that is easy to access, understand, and act upon.  Quantum Workplace Vitals captures manager perceptions over time to create a more credible and comprehensive story around your organization’s talent. Leaders and managers can identify rising stars and talent risk — allowing for strategic, proactive talent decisions across the organization.

talent pipeline dashboard


With Quantum Workplace Vitals, it’s easy to see who is doing the best work, who is ready for promotion, and who is a retention risk. 

Managers, leaders, and HR can have clear visibility into the organization’s talent pipeline and make informed decisions on how to keep and develop key talent.

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Get the talent metrics you need with three simple questions.

Every 6-12 weeks, managers answer three simple questions to evaluate employee:

  • Performance impact
  • Growth potential 
  • Retention risk

No paperwork. No guesswork. A simple and straightforward approach to capture the data you need to make the right talent decisions at the right time.

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Collect collaborative insights across the organization.

Talent decisions shouldn’t be made behind closed doors. Vitals brings transparency and collaboration to your talent review process.


Analytics are based on organizational hierarchy, so managers and leaders can see and comment on any talent profile below them on the org chart.

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Why Quantum Workplace?

It’s a seamless fit.
It’s a
seamless fit.

The all-in-one platform fits naturally into your managers’ processes. It’s intuitive, but robust enough to make a difference. And it scales with you, so it’s always a good fit.

It’s a personal coach.
It’s a
personal coach.

Expert advice and in-tool coaching are baked into the software, providing your managers with the answers they need, when they need them.

It’s transformational.

The way we work is changing, and your managers need tools that can keep up. Our software amplifies and prioritizes feedback in real-time, transforming the way managers lead their teams.