Intelligence Data Feed

Access to Raw People Data

Analyze your people analytics from across the Quantum Workplace platform in your existing business intelligence platform.

Extract, transform, and load employee data into a data lake. Store employee data in a data warehouse for future reporting needs.


Frequent Data Updates

Receive people data daily or on a frequency that best supports your business reporting needs.

Graphic showing the four process of data feed which includes selection, extraction, transformation, and analyzing.

Leverage your existing BI Platform


Headshot of Cameron Wilkins-Aldridge from LBMC with orange circles behind image
"With the Quantum Workplace Intelligence Data Feed, we are able to streamline our existing year-end, month-end, and several other processes. Instead of running manual reports around certain key dates, we have regular access to data at the most granular level, which allows us to slide these metrics into our dashboards and applications. This gives us the most up-to-date data without depending on other areas of the business. From there, team members can see their progress and how they stand compared to firm expectations."

Cameron Wilkins-Aldridge
Business Intelligence Manager

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