Actionable Analytics for

Reducing Employee Turnover


Quantum Workplace’s social exit
survey uncovers the truth about
employee turnover.

Four Essential

Employee Turnover Metrics

Our employee turnover analytics focus on four key areas at an individual or aggregate level.



What was the turnover’s impact?



Was the turnover preventable?



What caused the turnover?



What’s next for the exiting employee?



Concise Summary
of Each Exit

Focus on individual exits, and save your employee turnover data in one place. Quantum Workplace helps you consistently organize and examine individual turnover.

Attach Interview Notes
Are your exit interview notes vanishing into a black hole? Bring all your turnover data together with the ability to attach notes to an employee’s turnover report.
Exiter vs. Peer Perception
If you’re taking the social approach to turnover and collecting both peer and exiter feedback, you can easily see how the exiter’s feedback compared to their peers’.
Share with Management
Need to share a turnover report? Easily export any individual turnover report to PDF for sharing.



Reveal Employee
Turnover Trends

Say goodbye to siloed turnover data. Quantum Workplace provides aggregate employee turnover analysis to help you spot trends, analyze company and employee demographics, and create data-driven employee retention plans.

Advanced Analytics
See the big picture of your turnover. Examine themes like Preventability, Cause, and Direction, and see the Impact of your turnover over time.
Exiter vs. Peer Perception
If you’re taking the social approach to turnover and collecting both peer and exiter feedback, you can easily see how exiters’ feedback compared to their peers’ in aggregate.
Filter and Share
Filter to view your turnover data by impact, preventability, gender, job types, protected classes, and other company and employee demographics. You can export any filtered view of the report to PDF for easy sharing.

It’s a great tool to identify where you might have some shortcomings. We uncovered some skill gaps and the data gave us the opportunity to put together some customized training plans for various teams and departments.

  • Mike Hiffa
  • Executive Vice President of Human Resources
  • Jackson Healthcare


With Your HRIS


We know your responsibilities extend far beyond managing exit interviews, so we integrate with third parties to make your life easier.


We have integrations built with BambooHR, ADP, Namley, and Workday to sync and trigger exits. Use a different HRIS? We’re building new integrations every day. Let us know what you want to integrate, and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen.