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Leander Lesure

"(Quantum Workplace's) employee engagement survey has created a focus, truly on the voice of the employee. We wanted to engage with employees, but once you hear the voice of the employee,  the qualitative side, you truly understand that we have opportunity."


Leander Lesure | CHief HR Officer
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Nicole Davies

"It's been just a delight to work with the entire Quantum Workplace team. I think from just an endorsement of us as a new client, sometimes implementations can be difficult, and we found this one to just be a really easy partnership and something that we're very excited about."


Nicole davies | VP of Learning, Talent, & Performance


Paul Gomez

"I'd recommend Quantum Workplace because of the research and  the level of expertise that the organization represents. It adds a nice skill set to our organization. We're relatively small in the grand scheme of things, and I think it would be difficult for us to have that level of expertise inside our organization, so it's a great partnership for us.”


Paul Gomez | Director of organizational Dev.

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Cheri Sagona

"I would recommend Quantum Workplace if leaders and businesses are wanting to do more than just surveys, but they really want insight and context around what the data means."


Cheri Sagona | AVP, Leadership & Engagement

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Katie Strehler

"One thing that stands out to me most is that Quantum Workplace has been super flexible.


We have been fairly particular in what we want and how we want things, and in any of the requests or questions to a different approach that we want to see, the team has always been open to switching things up a bit to ensure that our relationship was truly adding value to our organization."


Katie Strehler | Chief HR Officer

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Laurel McDermott

"I would totally recommend Quantum Workplace to other companies. Ease of use, both from an administrative perspective using the tool, and also just from a support side.


The people at Quantum Workplace are phenomenal and for our managers and our employees, the tool itself is very intuitive, so there's not a lot of training. We can just push things out and people run with it, so it's really quick up-tick and buy-in across the board without a lot of work from the HR administration side."


Laurel Mcdermott | Director of Human Resources

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James Webb

"While many vendors have integrated tools most of them feel like different solutions that are simply banded together. However, this is not the case when it comes to Quantum. If you can use one module you can use them all. Additional benefits of this integrated approach include faster ramp-up time for employees, less frustration for the end user, and higher user adoption. By linking these pieces you set the stage for predictive analytics as it relates to performance and engagement."


James Webb | VP Global People Dev & Engagement

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Courtney Swoyer

"I would recommend Quantum Workplace to others, first and foremost because of the support that we have received, starting with the email communication to people on down to how do we run reports, how do people put goals in. We've had a lot of questions, and Quantum Workplace has been amazing, so the support is number one."


CourtneY Townsend | Global HR VP

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"Quantum Workplace is an amazing partner. We were very fortunate to find them in the community and available in the area. We've just been really happy in working with them. They've been great at helping us design a survey that works well for the company."


Mart Sedky | VP Human Capital

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