A pivotal moment for HR leaders

The new human capital disclosure requirements affirm the connection between employee and business success—continuing to elevate the role of HR. HR leaders must be able to answer important questions about how their talent strategies are impacting business success.

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How to Make the Most of the
SEC Human Capital Disclosures

Human Capital Disclosures: Amplifying People Investments as a Business Strategy

Webinar with the Josh Bersin Academy, Fossil Group, & Dentsply Sirona

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how HR leaders can emphasize the importance of human capital investments as a business strategy. Josh Bersin, James Webb (Fossil Group), and Sarah Waltman (Dentsply Sirona) discuss:

  • The critical opportunity for HR leaders
  • Advice for meeting the new human capital disclosure requirements
  • Insight into SEC filings from winning talent brands
  • Strategies for leveraging metrics to support business success


Download the slides > Watch the webinar >


Human Capital Disclosures | Webinar with Josh Bersin


Human Capital Disclosures: Elevating People Success as a Business Priority

Research from the Josh Bersin Academy

Changes to the SEC human capital disclosures have reemphasized the importance of talent as a competitive advantage for businesses. Even more, the role of HR has been elevated and HR leaders are now responsible for resolving vital business issues and selecting the right talent strategies to meet customer and employee needs.

What’s inside:

  • A guide to developing your company’s human capital disclosures
  • A checklist of employee success metrics and measures
  • Examples from winning talent brands for writing your SEC filings

Download the research >

Human Capital Disclosures | Research from the Josh Bersin Academy



Human Capital Disclosure Case Studies

How winning talent brands are leveling-up their SEC filings

Dentsply Sirona Helps People Smile by Prioritizing Employee Success

Learn how Dentsply Sirona took a strategic approach to defining the what, where, and how of human capital disclosures.


"Reporting a measure sends the message that you care. Our employees should see that we care about them, and not just about statistics but about developing and engaging them so they can do their best work."

Sarah Waltman

Vice President of Talent Management & Organizational Development


Human Capital Disclosure Case Study | Dentsply Sirona

Fossil Group Keeps the Business Ticking with its Focus on People

When determining how to approach its human capital disclosures, Fossil Group aimed to paint a picture of the workforce and tell a story that's important to the organization.


"The work on human capital disclosures highlights the need for investment if your company wants to make progress. There is a lot of work that goes into recruiting, development, engagement, promotion, and retention of diverse teams for even a one percent improvement."

James Webb

Vice President of Global People Development, Engagement, & Communications

Human Capital Disclosure Case Study | Dentsply Sirona



Human Capital Management Filings

Research-backed best practices from industry leaders


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The Ins and Outs of the New SEC Disclosure Rules

This article shares expert insights, including advice from Quantum Workplace CEO, Greg Harris, on how the regulations provide both challenges and opportunities for HR.

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New Human Capital Disclosure Requirements

This article includes a summary of the revisions made to Item 101(c)(2)(ii), examples of company filings, and a vision for the future of measuring and reporting on human capital investments.

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Guidelines for Internal and External Human Capital Reporting

This document (guided by the principles of human rights at work) shares guidelines on human capital data capture, measurement, analysis, and reporting.

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Human Capital Management Disclosure Recommendations

This article summarizes the history and evolution human capital management disclosure, plus recommendations for investment-grade reporting.

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