Increases Visibility and Alignment With Engagement Surveys and Pulses

    Quantum Workplace's engagement surveys and pulse features are helping Rehmann keep employees engaged through a strategic rebrand that will prepare its talent pool for the future of work.

    Katie Strehler | Rehmann Accounting

    "The data is important. How we use the data is crucial. I am proud of our firm’s partnership with QW and recognize their sincere and relentless efforts towards driving engagement."

    Katie Strehler
    Principal and Chief Human Resources Officer

    The Company

    Rehmann has grown to become one of the largest financial services and advisory firms, with nearly 1,000 associates in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida. As a member of Nexia International, a leading worldwide network of accounting firms, they help their clients do business around the globe.


    Size: 1,001-5,000

    Industry: Financial Services

    Solution: Engagement

    The Challenges

    Rehmann wanted to be proactive and keep its employees happy and engaged amidst major industry changes. While changing the game for the future of financial services through a talented workforce, its primary focus has been keeping a pulse on engagement. This focus on engagement - and the rebrand it's driving - led Rehmann down the path to find a partner that could help move its vision forward.

    The Solution

    Survey tools that provide visibility into what's happening in the organization at a higher level of data, service, and flexibility.

    • Straight-forward and reliable people analytics and business metrics
    • Frequent and consistent communication from leaders, providing authentic context around strategic decisions
    • Involvement from all employee levels in creating solutions and targeted action steps to reinforce key engagement drivers