Company Among First in Industry to Introduce Solution for Organizations to Identify Successors for Critical Positions and Boost Employee and Business Success.

OMAHA, Neb.--Quantum Workplace, a leading provider of comprehensive employee engagement and performance software as well as the leader in data collection for the nationally recognized Best Places to Work Programs, announced today the launch of Succession Planning as part of its performance platform.

The new solution simplifies an often painful and time-consuming process to create a people-first approach connected to employee career growth. Organizations can identify successors for critical roles within the organization, rate successor readiness, develop future leaders, and guide employees who are ripe for new roles.

“Employees are leaving roles at unprecedented rates due to personal preferences and changes in the ways we work. This shift, coupled with early retirements and career changes, has left many organizations under pressure to find the right leaders for the future of the organization. Our Succession Planning tool makes it easy to plan for unexpected employee departures and proactively identifies talent gaps that can be linked with development plans,” explained Quantum Workplace CEO Greg Harris.

Quantum Workplace’s Succession Planning solution directly integrates into its Talent Reviews and Goals tools, to identify and develop potential talent of the highest caliber. Successor readiness is monitored through a 12-month increment scale, providing quick career insights. The tool compiles the data into a board-presentable format, ready at any time to be shared with stakeholders.

“Traditionally, succession planning requires long lead times and advanced preparation, oftentimes taking three to five or even five to seven years because organizations are completing the process in spreadsheets and presentations. Our Succession Planning solution is distinctive and intelligent, helping companies have a board-ready plan at their fingertips. This is revolutionary for organizations and will enhance how they manage and grow their talent,” Harris said.

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