Tips and Resources Designed to Provide Employees Clarity while Driving User Adoption of Technologies


OMAHA, Neb.--Quantum Workplace, a leading provider of comprehensive employee engagement and performance software as well as the North American leader in data collection for nearly 50 Best Places to Work Programs across North America, announced today the unveiling of its change management hub.

The new change management hub is designed to help human resources leaders easily and seamlessly implement employee engagement and performance management technologies.

In recent months, Quantum Workplace has witnessed a rapidly growing need from HR leaders to implement and improve their use of employee engagement and performance management technologies. As the workplace continues to change on the heels of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Quantum Workplace’s change management hub will assist organizations as new types of work environments continue to emerge.

Stocked with a plethora of tips and resources to provide clarity to employees and foster better companywide communication, the change management hub will allow HR leaders to implement and drive adoption of Quantum Workplace technologies across any workforce while positively and smoothly navigating workforce changes.

The resources featured in Quantum Workplace’s new change management hub include: personalized assistance from the Company’s specialists and support team of Qwirks; an informative eBook entitled, “How to Drive Adoption and Navigate Change,” filled with tips and recommendations on how to effectively manage implementation while reducing anxiety and creating excitement around such change; a comprehensive tool-specific Success Site providing clarity for employees and driving user adoption, featuring content and testimonials promoting the benefits of the new tool and links to best-practice and technical resources to ensure employees feel supported; ready-to-use marketing templates (posters, table tents, web banners and email signatures) focused on announcing the new tool to create excitement about implementation; customizable technical resources that span a library of resources to help educate employees including presentation training templates, a readily available Help Library containing training and best practice resources, webinars with regularly scheduled training sessions geared towards employees and managers and individualized; and, lastly, walk-throughs for administrators of the programs.

The change management hub supports the following Quantum Workplace technologies:

  • Goals Tool: Helps set, track and achieve professional and personal goals in ways that are important to leaders and their organizations. The Goals Tool also elevates alignment between an individual’s contribution, a team’s work and an organization’s broader objectives. It affords leaders real-time visibility into progress of goals at all levels of the organization, in one place, which offers managers a quick, at-a-glance view of their direct reports’ goal progress. The Goals Tool helps drive more meaningful conversations between managers and employees.
  • Recognition Tool: Allows leaders to showcase employee achievements to the entire organization when they would otherwise likely be acknowledged quietly. Better connects employees by encouraging them to congratulate and motivate others’ efforts, and provides visibility into positive occurrences throughout the organization.
  • 1-on-1s Tool: Fosters consistent, honest and effective communication between employees and managers by ensuring two-way conversations. This helps to align employees and managers on goals and performance so they can prioritize plans for development and growth.
  • Feedback Tool: Provides the opportunity to build trust and strengthen authenticity amongst team members through open and honest feedback by empowering employees to gather feedback and uncover opportunities for growth. With the Feedback tool, it is easier to request feedback since it’s not conducted in person. This allows employees to provide others with feedback so teams and organizations can become stronger together.
  • Survey Tool: Creates the ability to capture employee voice on any topic any time. Allows organizations to use employee perceptions to drive change and improve the overall employee experience.

In April 2020, Quantum Workplace conducted one of many customer implementation surveys about its employee engagement and performance management technologies. In the latest one, nine out of 10 customers said Quantum Workplace’s solutions were very easy to implement.

“We believe our new, innovative toolkit will assist HR leaders in reducing the friction sometimes caused by change across workforces. Our hub of resources will help facilitate positive change in meaningful people programs, as it provides customers with an expansive portfolio of relevant and current HR tools to make it easy to drive change within their organizations. The HR leaders with whom we work will embrace having these resources at their fingertips, especially as workforces begin to take new shape in the current environment,” said Greg Harris, Quantum Workplace co-founder and chief executive officer.