Company Ranks 18th on the Top 25 Power Brand List and 8th on the Top 10 Velocity Brand List for Talent Solutions 

OMAHA, Neb.--Quantum Workplace, a leading provider of comprehensive employee engagement and performance software, announced today it was named both a Power brand and a Velocity brand in the Brandscape™ 2021 report, Talent and Learning: All Together Now, produced and released by The Starr Conspiracy, a B2B marketing agency for workplace innovators. This marks the first time Quantum Workplace appears on this list.

Quantum Workplace ranked 18th on the Top 25 Power Brand: Talent list and 8th on the Top 10 Velocity Brand: Talent list. The report evaluates the talent management and learning management industry, examining brands impacting the space. The Starr Conspiracy has worked with more than one thousand brands over nearly two decades. Using publicly available data, it developed a formula to understand Brand Power and Brand Velocity for Talent and Learning companies by leveraging insights, perspectives and research support from Brandon Hall Group, Fosway Group and Bluewater Learning.

According to the report, The Starr Conspiracy cites that while much has changed in the talent and learning landscape over the past decade, many major work tech brands today, such as Glint and Culture Amp, have emerged in the measurement space. The report states both companies followed the lead of Quantum Workplace in terms of adding Continuous Performance Management (CPM) functionality to their offerings to become viable competitors in the talent category.

“We are honored to rank as both a Power and Velocity Brand in The Starr Conspiracy’s latest report. For more than a decade, The Starr Conspiracy has been engaged in covering the talent and learning space, evaluating key brands and noticing advancements made to improve engagement and performance. Throughout the ongoing industry consolidation, The Starr Conspiracy continues to pay close attention to those players it believes are most notably influencing the industry and impacting workforces. We are pleased to be among them,” said Greg Harris, Quantum Workplace co-founder and chief executive officer.

“The best brands — not necessarily the best products — will always win a market. These Power Brands have crafted compelling stories that connect on a gut level with buyers,” said Steve Smith, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer of The Starr Conspiracy. “These brands are a reflection of the people and the culture who created them. These brands are dedicated to improving talent outcomes — productivity, performance, retention, engagement, and innovation.”


About The Starr Conspiracy

The Starr Conspiracy is the premier agency focused on companies creating the future of work. Using publicly available data, it has developed a formula to measure Brand Power and Brand Velocity for work technology companies. This Power Brands list ranks the biggest and best-known HCM companies innovating the modern workplace.