Partnership helps set up future employees for success in sales-related roles for Omaha-based organizations. 

OMAHA, Neb. — Quantum Workplace, a leading employee success platform, as well as the employee engagement partner for the nationally recognized Best Places to Work Programs, announced a partnership with the University of Nebraska at Omaha Center for Professional Sales. 

“We’re passionate about our community,” Quantum Workplace Director of Employee Success Cyndi Wenninghoff said. “Yes, we want to recruit the best of Omaha to work at Quantum Workplace but we also revel in the opportunity to develop successful employees who go on to work at other great Omaha companies and make them awesome.” 

The sales program creates a unique opportunity for students to act in the role of a professional with local businesses acting as the client, mimicking real situations students might experience in their career. Students also network with local businesses and might be recruited to work for Omaha-based businesses. 

As part of the partnership, Quantum Workplace will attend and judge pitch and role-play events, offer job shadows, attend job fairs, review resumes, and serve on the Sales Advisory Board. 

“Growing the future workforce in Omaha is one more way for us to fulfill our mission—make work better every day!” Quantum Workplace Recruiter Jake Shipley said. “Employees who seek fresh thinking, take initiative, leverage differences, and celebrate each other are set up for success. And when employees are successful, businesses are successful.” 


About University of Nebraska at Omaha Center for Professional Sales 

The University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Business Administration Center for Professional Sales focuses on a hands-on approach to the discipline of sales. Sales roles reign as the #1 career entry point for most business students, making the program’s basics essential to all students regardless of title or career focus. The sales program partners with local businesses to present students with real business scenarios, giving them insight into what it’s like to work in the field. To learn more, visit