Text Analytics Engine uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to Enhance Communication across Workforces; Demos Available During HR Technology Conference & Exposition® at Company's Booth #2609

OMAHA, Neb.--Quantum Workplace, a leading provider of comprehensive employee engagement and performance software as well as the leader in data collection for nearly 50 Best Places to Work Programs across North America, announced today its new text analytics engine, Narrative Insight. Narrative Insight provides organizations with real-time insight into workforce survey responses. Visitors of HR Technology Conference & Exposition® can see Narrative Insight in action at Quantum Workplace’s Booth #2609.

Using natural language processing and machine learning, Narrative Insight works at scale to identify comment sentiment, categorize comment by theme and translate comments from employees to leaders. This provides users with a real-time understanding of the employee voice without the administrative burden of sorting through hundreds or thousands of comments.

Effective September 28, 2021, Quantum Workplace customers can find Narrative Insight within the comments section of their survey analytics tools. This latest innovation brings increased insight into open-ended feedback provided by employees, bringing clarity to business leaders while helping employees feel heard.

“Organizations are in need of solutions to help them better understand the employee voice. With our newest innovation, organizations can save time and better understand their employees in real-time. Our Narrative Insight tool allows HR leaders to easily learn where they are winning as well as identify opportunities for improvement in increasing employees’ connectedness to work. Narrative Insight delivers deeper employee insights that can result in immediate action which ultimately enhances engagement and improves performance,” said Greg Harris, chief executive officer at Quantum Workplace.