Scholarship to promote STEM education, and diversity and inclusion in STEM careers. 

OMAHA, Neb. — Quantum Workplace, a leading employee success platform, as well as the leader in data collection for the nationally recognized Best Places to Work Programs, announced today the establishment of a scholarship aimed to support and encourage computer science education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. 

The $11,000 scholarship will be distributed over a five-year period and will provide financial assistance to freshman and sophomore students pursuing a computer science degree, with a preference for UNO-Association of Computing Machinery-Women chapter members. UNO-ACM-W supports, celebrates, and advocates for women in computing. 

By investing in STEM education, Quantum Workplace aims to empower the next generation of innovators and leaders in technology. 

“We want to create opportunities for aspiring technology students and actively increase diversity and inclusion in STEM careers. Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to driving innovation and addressing the complex technological challenges of the future,” Quantum Workplace Director of Employee Success Cyndi Wenninghoff said. “This scholarship will create a diverse pipeline of talent that will shape the technology industry.” 

The gift is being made through the University of Nebraska Foundation as part of Only in Nebraska: A Campaign for Our University’s Future. The campaign is a historic effort to encourage at least 150,000 benefactors to give $3 billion to support University of Nebraska students, faculty, academic and clinical programs and research to address the needs of the state. 


About the University of Nebraska Foundation 

The University of Nebraska Foundation grows relationships and resources that enable the University of Nebraska to change lives and save lives. During the most recent fiscal year, a record 60,571 donors gave $300.6 million to the foundation to aid UNK, UNO, UNL, UNMC and its clinical partner, Nebraska Medicine, and NCTA. The foundation raises more than $7 for every $1 spent. Only in Nebraska: A Campaign for Our University’s Future is its current campaign with a goal to raise $3 billion from 150,000 unique benefactors to support the University of Nebraska. More information is at