OMAHA, Neb.--Quantum Workplace, a leading provider of comprehensive employee engagement software, announced today it has been named among the most significant employee experience (EX) management platforms by Forrester Research, Inc., a leading market research firm.

In its newly released report, The Forrester New WaveTM: EX Management Platforms For Large Enterprises, Q1 2020, which is available here, Forrester analysts evaluated the emerging market for EX management platforms, identifying the 12 most significant ones. The report details the findings about how each vendor scored against key criteria as well as where each platform stands in relation to one other. Forrester believes that chief information officers will find this information valuable, and able to use the report to choose the right partner to meet their individual EX needs.

Criteria for evaluating each platform spanned capabilities in the areas of: surveying methods; validity and correlation of results; other data sources; EX Insights, visualization and benchmarking; recommendations and workflow; tools and ease of use; customization; vision; roadmap; and, market approach.

In the New Wave evaluation, Forrester assessed only emerging technologies, and based its analysis on a 10-criterion survey and also conducted a two-hour briefing with each evaluated vendor. The firm also reviewed the vendor’s current market presence.

According to the Forrester New Wave report, each vendor they reviewed has:

  • A complete employee experience management solution. Each vendor in this evaluation has a standalone EX management solution, based on proven methodologies capable of gathering data from multiple survey types, performing analysis, providing recommendations, and integrating with other common enterprise applications.
  • Multiple large enterprise customers. These vendors have at least five named, paying enterprise customers using the version of the employee experience management platform that we evaluated. Vendors have a proven stream of revenue generated by customer adoption of their computer vision platform.
  • Client inquiries and/or capabilities that have put it on Forrester’s radar. Forrester clients often discuss these vendors and products during inquiries; alternatively, the vendor may, in Forrester’s judgment, warrant inclusion in this evaluation because of technology trends, market presence, or client interest.

“To be included among the top EX platforms in the industry is quite a remarkable and honorable feat. Quantum Workplace was founded nearly two decades ago because -- at that time -- we had a vision for meeting many workplace and culture needs that are now standard to engagement within an organization. This insight has allowed us to evolve our solution over time, remaining relevant to constantly changing talent management needs,” said Greg Harris, co-founder and chief executive officer at Quantum Workplace.

“Furthermore, as part of its process in producing this meaningful report, Forrester analysts spoke with customers of all the platforms it ranked. It was highly rewarding to see that our customers praised Quantum for our support and solution. In particular, they cited that Quantum provides them: an easy-to-reach core team that serves as a true partner; associate/manager conversation templates to facilitate better communication; and, various customizable software modules and engagement components. We are glad our customers shared their thoughts about our platform’s abilities with Forrester analysts as we are constantly enhancing and improving its capabilities to meet their distinct needs. We are grateful for being ranked a strong performer, and appreciate that Forrester recognized the features and benefits of our EX platform, and evaluated it in the company of 11 other top platforms,” Harris concluded.