Investing in talent results in higher employee engagement, stronger performance and greater business success

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 26, 2021--In an article in Business Reporter, Greg Harris, Co-Founder and CEO of Quantum Workplace, explains the importance of maximising employee success. True business success comes from having engaged and productive employees who create and deliver exemplary services that delight their customers. Sadly, too few companies tap into this potential.

The biggest catalyst for driving employee engagement is HR leadership. But they need the right metrics to understand what is going well with employees and a strong, strategic partnership with business leaders to support the goals of the organisation.

Harris advises that for business leaders to support their Chief HR Officers they need to:

  • Expect more from their HR leaders
  • Nudge them to become team players
  • Analyse performance metrics to make data-driven decisions
  • Steer away from underfunding people management
  • Share the responsibility of building talented teams

Employee success drives business success. Common drivers of employee success include: trust in top management; belief in the business; recognition for their contributions; and access to career development opportunities. However, employee engagement and performance are often neglected in favour of other business priorities.

In fact, according to research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in partnership with Quantum Workplace, 81% of business executives strongly agree that highly engaged employees perform better. Yet only 37% strongly agree that employee engagement is a significant area of focus for their own organization today.

Promoting employee success may not be simple but it can be achieved by HR leaders who listen to and act on employee feedback, establish frequent check-ins to increase clarity and communication and celebrate the contributions individual employees make.

Harris puts it simply: Investing in talent results in higher employee engagement, stronger performance, and greater business success.

To learn more about activating talent to achieve business success, read the article.


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