Awards recognize organizations and managers that prioritize their employees and make work better every day. 

OMAHA, Neb. — Quantum Workplace, a leading employee success platform and the employee engagement partner for the nationally recognized Best Places to Work Contests, announced today the winners of its annual Employee Voice Award (EVA).  

Quantum Workplace’s EVA honors customer organizations annually that have made strides to create an engaging work experience, inspire employee impact and performance, and build a magnetic culture that attracts the best and keeps the best talent. To be considered, award candidates must have exhibited their dedication to prioritizing their people by making them feel valued, heard, and connected to the organization, positioning themselves as employers of choice.  

New this year, Quantum Workplace recognized outstanding managers for their crucial work in engaging employees and coaching performance. 

For 2024, Quantum Workplace honored nine organizations and three managers, in four different categories:  

Engaging Experience – A people-first culture that gets results. These organizations understand, validate, and improve upon what matters most and ingrain employee engagement throughout the workforce all year round.  

 Top Performers – Employees and teams are high performing and understand the role they play in achieving success. They regularly get feedback, recognition, and guidance from their manager and teammates.     

Magnetic Culture – An organization where employees want to stay and talent wants to join. Their magnetic culture is a product of trust and flexibility, and employees feel empowered to do their best.  

Outstanding Manager – A manager who epitomizes the essence of engaging leadership within the organization. These leaders go beyond traditional management roles, actively fostering a positive and collaborative work environment by prioritizing open communication, professional development, recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of their teams, and the cultivation of a high-performance culture. 

“Organizations don’t have to choose between building a culture that attracts and retains top talent and employee performance that ensures the organization achieves its goals. You can have both,” Quantum Workplace CEO Greg Harris said. “Creating that environment takes intentionality, courage, and consistency each and every day. These organizations are leaders in this movement - aiming their efforts at employee success because they know their people are the key to achieving business success.” 

As part of the EVA application process, all customer candidates provided Quantum Workplace with a narrative and supporting documentation that included a description of the challenge they faced, their strategy, solutions they deployed to overcome it, and metrics showing the impact on employee and business success. 

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