Quantum Workplace Solutions Now on ADP Marketplace

Quantum Workplace, a leading provider of comprehensive employee engagement software, announced today its solutions will be available on ADP Marketplace, effective immediately.

ADP Marketplace, a one-stop shop for human resources needs, is a digital HR storefront offering a collection of best-of-breed solutions that simply and securely share data within ADP® platforms. ADP Marketplace allows users to create a highly customized, yet fully integrated HR ecosystem, with the simplicity of a single sign-on and single data input.

For current Quantum Workplace customers, accessing solutions through the ADP Marketplace is complimentary. ADP Workforce Now® customers can use the Quantum Workplace data connector to seamlessly and securely integrate their employee data with Quantum Workplace’s platform.


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The Quantum Workplace suite of tools available on ADP Marketplace allows customers to easily measure engagement, drive performance, and improve culture—all from one place:


Quantum Workplace Performance

Keep your employees on the path to success with simple yet sophisticated, real-time performance tools that help your teams define, track, measure, and drive success. The Quantum Workplace platform is intuitive but robust enough to make a difference.


Quantum Workplace Surveys

Quantum Workplace has everything you need to collect, understand, and act on employee voices. Launch engagement, pulse, and lifecycle surveys within minutes—tied to key demographics in ADP Workforce Now®.

Pulse Surveys


The Quantum Workplace solutions available through ADP Marketplace bring users many benefits, including: easy and quick to implementation as the integration can be implemented in less time; and, real-time updating of employee information so data matches exactly what is in an HRIS system, resulting in more accurate data and demographics for analyzing survey and employee performance data as well as better training of advanced machine learning models used to predict employee flight risk.

The Quantum Workplace solutions suite also features several activities centered around the employee lifecycle such as new hire and exit surveys, 1-on-1 tools and onboarding feedback. Data can be easily captured at meaningful moments within employees’ tenures.


“This is an exciting time for Quantum Workplace as ADP Marketplace affords us another vehicle by which to influence employee engagement and shift workplace cultures. It is quick, easy, and cost-effective for customers to access our solutions via the ADP Marketplace platform. Generally, companies would have to pay extra for an HRIS integration to the HRIS vendor. With ADP Marketplace, it is free for our existing customers.

As an ADP Marketplace partner, we can help an increasing number of companies better engage with their workforces and have a real impact on their corporate cultures. This is yet another way in which Quantum Workplace is working to make work better every day across hundreds of workplaces."

- Greg Harris, CEO of Quantum Workplace



Companies interested in learning more about Quantum Workplace’s suite of solutions and ADP integration can visit ADP Marketplace.


Published May 1, 2020 | Written By Luke Stritt